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   Chapter 382 A Man's Coquetry

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Light silk couldn't resist the man's heat at all, and they were almost attached to each other without a slight gap. Lancy leaned against his naked chest and felt his heartbeat. The heat emitted from his mouth was on her neck, and touched the most delicate skin. It was so soft and numb. Lancy trembled, as if she was a little frightened white rabbit, with long and curly eyelashes.

In fact, she wanted to say, "Who is messing around?" How could she sleep?

She didn't want sleep with a man, especially who was Marvin.

Lancy was ashamed and annoyed. She bit her lip and didn't know what to do.

At this moment, she was no longer the queen of a board of directors, who had announced their wildness and prowess. She was no longer the Miss Lancy who would easily win Nina over. She was no longer the leader who had the situation well in hand.

If there was a mirror in front of Lancy now, she would definitely be able to see her appearance clearly. It was obvious shyness rather than anger.

She was shy, timid and a little angry. She was really beautiful!

Only Marvin could see such a beautiful scene clearly. He immediately had a sense of superiority that she only belonged to himself.

When Lancy had waken up, she always thought that she was as tough as she had been six years ago, especially when it came to the issue of Marvin. However, Marvin knew clearly that she was different from what she had been six years ago, little by little change.

It was Marvin who was most delightful to see such a change in Lancy.

Marvin came here last night, so he couldn't get through the front door. Don't forget one of his skills ---- climbing over the wall. It was a piece of cake for him to climb to the two or three floors.

It was already midnight after Marvin comforted Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Wilson last night. He was not sleepy at all. He was getting more and more sober and couldn't wait to see her.

Therefore, Marvin came quietly.

It was also he who took Lancy back to the bed. It was not only Lancy's night, but also was about Marvin.

The advantage of separation was that when they gathered together again, they would miss and have a different feeling. Marvin had always known that Lancy was special to him.

She was like a fresh air, and he could never leave her.

Marvin was so sentimental for the rare peace. He didn't want to leave, nor did he want to wake up.

Thinking of this, Marvin hugged her more tightly subconsciously.

"Let, let me go!" The poor girl even could not breathe. She patted on Marvin's hand and wriggled in his arms like a little dog.

Of course, Lancy would never admit that! She was fighting against him. She wanted to get rid of him.

But it caused unexpected result.

Marvin stroked the head of Lancy and whispered hoarsely, "Lancy, I can't promise you if you keep movin

nd wore a smile at the corners of her mouth.

Leaning against the head of the bed, she tilted her head and asked lazily, "Oh, I see. So what?" No wonder he came here suddenly. It turned out that he came here for the cooperation with Glen.

No wonder Nina said so last night.

Lancy knew that the Lu Clan would come to her, but she didn't expect that it would come so soon.

"Business is business. Don't take a shortcut, or want me to give up to you. " Lancy said coldly. "Or, are you here to blame me?"

A fire of anger suddenly blazed in Lancy's heart every time she thought about that Marvin was here to question her!

Lancy squinted her eyes. There was no lack of questioning in her words.

Marvin stopped buttoning up and turned to look at her. Obviously, he caught the meaning of her words.

Marvin was silent at first, then he smiled faintly. This was not only her question, but also a future exam. If he passed, he was not sure what would happen in the future, but he was sure that if he failed, she would kick him out now.

This woman, was as cold as always.

However, Marvin didn't feel angry. Instead, he felt sorry for her.

Now she was able to compete with him side by side because they were in the same height. He felt the same way! Her questioning was also a kind of alert.

"Landy, you seem to forget that I know your relationship with Glen and Leona."

What he meant was that since he had already known their previous relationship, why he blame her?

Lancy was stunned, but then she burst into laughter. She was really insane!

From the very beginning, Marvin knew the reason why Glen, Leona and Jean came to this city, and why they approached him. He was unwilling to cooperate with Glen.

Since he was unwilling from the beginning, how could he grab it? How could he blame someone?

Lancy touched her face sulkily and didn't know what to say.

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