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   Chapter 380 Take Medicine

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The reason why Marvin didn't say that before was that he knew it was not true. As far as Marvin know, Lancy and Glen are resourceful. The dilemma Lancy is in now means nothing to her.

However, Marvin didn't make a sound explanation at once, because he couldn't do that. He knew the cooperation between Lancy and Glen was true. If she took this step, she would know the consequences.

The argument of Freda and Myron is not tenable at all.

However, Marvin still chose to maintain, and went on following their words.

"The members of the board of directors are not willing to satisfy Lancy because she has become an acting director." Myron truly believed that Lancy was innocent and was fooled by someone. "Grandpa, don't be angry. Please give her a chance to explain. She must have no choice."

Mr. Sidney looked at his grandson and granddaughter who were on good terms.

"Well, now that you have said that, I, as a grandfather, am not really ruthless. Marvin, tell Lancy to come back tomorrow. " It was not hard to find that the tone when Mr. Sidney talked about Lancy was not as intimate as before, and was not obvious. "Since she is in trouble, she can speak it out. Otherwise, people who don't know the fact will think that the Lu Clan is ruthless and helpless. "

Sidney had made a concession, asking Lancy to go back to the mansion tomorrow instead of the next second.

Mrs. Wilson gave a sly smile. Of course she heard that Sidney changed his mind.

At last, she stopped and looked at Myron, snorting, "humph, I didn't expect that you and your sister are so united. I understand. Sister in low is like a mother. It's not your fault to speak for her. I'm glad to hear that! Am I right, Myron? "

Hearing that, Myron was a little surprised. He didn't expect that his grandma would ask him.

He stared blankly at Mrs. Wilson abruptly. When they looked at each other, Mrs. Wilson cracked a smile at him. All of a sudden, Myron felt his back shudder. He looked at Mrs. Wilson with horror, as if his throat was clutched by someone and it was impossible for him to get his voice back for a long time.

The irony in Mrs. Wilson's eyes deepened. "Let's wait and see. You get along with each other. That's a good thing. " Mrs. Wilson emphasized this.

Even Mrs. Wilson looked down upon her grandson. 'but, Myron and Marvin are indeed from the same mother. Even the women they love are the same...' Heh, it was not a praise.

Myron was not a fool. He had a secret in his heart, but what Mrs. Wilson said made him feel very guilty. He always felt that his secrets that he couldn't let others see through.

No, no, no way! Myron couldn't help laughing and shaking his head. Since he was rejected by Lancy sternly, he had been thinking a lot. He couldn't tell what was real and what was real.

Myron lowered his head, laughing at himself.

He didn't notice that the meaningful glance of Mrs

people. So it was reasonable that Jill and Nina couldn't sit still for a long time.

"They broke into the study." Butler Liu's words were brief and to the point. He was burning with fury in his eyes. Although he tried to hold back his fury, he was on the verge of losing control.

Nina didn't do anything, and instead she shouted bravely, "what do you mean by trespassing? son of a bitch! When grandpa disappeared, the old man took the chicken hair as an arrow and said that he wouldn't let anyone in. Does he have his own plot? "

Nina reproached the Butler Liu, but she just stared at Lancy without batting her eyelashes. In Anna's eyes, this was just how people said that one looked at the master while beating a dog?

Nina was so stupid to do this.

Butler Liu's face flushed red with anger. He spluttered, "the thing that Mr. Lakin hates most is that someone comes in and goes into his study at will. Nina was filial to her grandfather. Why did Mr. Lakin dislike her from everything she did? If Mr. Lakin were here today, would you still act against your will? "

Butler Liu seemed to want to query Nina.

She claimed that she was filial to her grandfather, but what did she do in fact? Time after time, she claimed to be filial towards her grandpa, yet her ambition was obvious.

Face was the most important thing for Nina, but she was finally torn apart by a lackey that she looked down upon. This was not only an embarrassment, but also an insult for her.

Nina was so angry that her heart was beating heavily and she angrily said, "We are talking! Why do you, a servant, get in my business?"

"Oh, I don't know who she was just now. She called Butler grandpa. Why does her face change now?" Lancy rolled her eyes and nodded to Butler Liu as a consolation. "Nina. I think you have a split personality, don't you?"

There was an vivid and impression on Lancy's face when she said "take medicine in spite of the mouth".

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