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   Chapter 377 Go Home With A Strange Man

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Lancy was justified to ask this.

After all, Glen was in the mission. The finance department was unable to recover soon. She didn't believe that he could turn the situation around?

The reason why Lancy wanted to know was related to the Lan Group. If Glen's resources were all in vain, then it would be difficult for them to solve the current predicament of the Lan Group. Even if they cooperated with the Lan Group, it would be meaningless.

"Marvin has investigated me." "He hasn't found out anything, so..."

"So, the property under your name is real." It was not a question, but an affirmative answer.

Glen looked at her strangely and asked, "do you really believe that?"

"Yes." Lancy nodded.

The expression on Glen's face became weirder. He said slowly, "you do believe him."

Needless to say, everyone knows who he is.

Lancy smiled but didn't say anything. Although Glen didn't know the true identity of Marvin, she did! The man was too deep to be fathomable. If he hadn't found out the man's real identity yet, it meant that Glen's task was not virtual and that he actually had his property.

Then Lancy asked, "then why did you break up with Wilson Group?"

A gleam flickered in Glen's eyes. He looked at Lancy, lost in thought. Then, he seemed to have made a decision, looked away and said, "although Marvin hasn't found out anything, he has been suspecting my identity. The exact evidence means nothing to him."

In a word, the reason why they failed to cooperate was that Marvin was suspicious.

But in another way, what Marvin said was right, wasn't it?

"…… Then, is it possible for you to cooperate again? " Lancy's finger danced on the glass. Her black eyes were radiating a magic of confusing.

Staring at the crystal clear face through the window, Glen's hand clenched. He looked away calmly and asked, "what do you want to do?"

Lancy smiled mysteriously. What else could she do? Of course she cooperated with him!

"Are you really going to cooperate with me on behalf of the Lan Group?" asked Glen in a doubtful tone. Do you know what that means? Do you really want to do that? "

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Lancy licked her lips. Immediately, her pink lips looked more attractive. "You just need to coordinate with me. I won't bother you with anything else."

It was clear that Lancy had a well thought out plan.

Glen remained silent. What Lancy said irritated him. However, after a while, Glen compromised at last. "I know."

Hearing that, Lancy bent her eyes. Things were going much more smoothly than she had expected!

Glen was racking his brains to cooperate with Lancy as soon as possible. Now in Lancy's eyes, it's credit of Leona! It seemed that Glen really cared about Leona. Otherwise, he would not ignore the order of the organization.

That was why Lancy didn't doubt Glen at all. Because from the moment he helped her for the sake of Leona, everyone was on the same boat and there was no way back.

Besides, Glen stayed in Alaska with Leona.

Thinking of this, the tenderness in Lancy's eyes became deeper. With this, Glen was qualified to be the man of Leona! With the principle of "lov

ady confirmed that it was Nina who admitted it in person. And Jean, she wanted her life wholeheartedly and it was not surprised at all she would use Nina.

"Thank you." She thanked him not only for his help, but also for sending her back.

Lancy turned around and was about to walk inside, but was stopped by Glen.

Glen didn't know where his courage came from to seize her!

Lancy looked back, and her eyes were full of doubts. She was asking silently what happened? There was no fluctuation in her cold eyes. She was neither angry nor angry.

After a pause, Glen released his hand subconsciously. "Do you find me immediately because you believe in me? Why? "

Lancy was even more curious. She said frankly, "I don't trust you. I trust Leona. If you want to marry Leona, you have to get my permission first. "

It meant that he was still under observation, but he behaved well as far.

As a sister, Lancy thought she have to be cautious. If she married a wrong person, she would have no way to cry.

That would be a joke. Not to mention that Leona did not like Glen at all, she would never marry him. If she got married and was betrayed by Glen, she would never suffer losses secretly, and Lancy would never stay aside.

She didn't even have a place to cry. Where should it start from?

Glen was both angry and amused. He didn't expect that someone would be so speechless.

"Treat Leona well." There was no lack of warning in her voice, "you can't hold a woman's hand randomly."

To be honest, they were not so familiar with each other, and it was indeed a little unusual that they were held hands suddenly.

Then she left without looking back.

Glen touched his face and smiled bitterly. 'what are you talking about? Holding a woman's hand randomly?' he thought!

The man stared at her back. He helped her not because of Leona, or anyone else, but because he wanted to help her. That was enough.

However, such an excuse was not enough to convince her, on the contrary, it would cause her suspicion and suspicion!

It was better for her to keep misunderstanding him like this.

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