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   Chapter 373 A Sense Of Happiness

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It was as if telling her parents, their only precious daughter, are living a very happy life now!

"Are you happy?" Lancy didn't know why, but she knew what it meant. She was the one who did it, so it was normal that she could sense it.

She felt so unreal and real as she looked at her smiling face! The more people and things she knew, the more she believed that she had been simple, romantic and loved!

The father and mother in the photo gave her a feeling of familiarity, as if she had seen her grandfather in the hospital that day.

Were they her family?

Even Lancy herself didn't notice the tenderness in her eyes!

It was so good to know that she wasn't alone!

"Daddy, Mommy, I'm fine now, very... Happy. ". She murmured. There was tenderness in her bright black eyes, which Lancy had never seen before.

However, even she herself did not know what the so-called happiness meant? Getting back her memories or reuniting with her family, or Marvin?

get down to topic.

Lan Clan was controlled by Lancy, Nina andJill couldn't find any chance at all. They could only watch Lancy pressed on their heads.

The share was like a hot potato. They couldn't take it but couldn't throw it away!

Now, time was like a death warrant to Nina. If she didn't do anything now, it would be more disadvantageous to her.

The only way to get rid of Lancy now was to drive her out of the Lan Clan.

Nina thought about it again and again and finally had an idea. Lancy was not afraid of the result, but there was one thing that would not make her stay in her mother's house for a long time as she was the daughter-in-law of the Lu Clan?

Even though Lancy had gotten the consent of the Lu Clan, if there was something wrong...

Now that Nina was suppressed at home and couldn't move, in the company, she could always solve the problems for her by a vicious smile on her face, couldn't she?

In the following days, Lancy was as busy as a dog. Oh, that's what she said. Being busy was just like a dog!

The stalls of the Lan Group were bigger than she imagined. Not only because of the mountain of documents in the chairman's office, but also because she didn't know much about business.

Are you surprised? What's surprising? Lancy is neither a genius nor a gold finger. She's not used to the industry that she has never taken over.

Fortunately, after half a month's hard work, Lancy was now more skillful at it.

After signing the last document on the table, Lancy leaned back and breathed a long sigh of relief. "I like my former job!"

Former job?

That was exactly what she wanted! To deal with thing with fists. Instead, she had been locked in her office to deal with them.

In Lancy's opinion, freedom was her favorite. Therefore, it was really hard for her to adapt to the daily life in the office!

Fortunately, Lancy was smart and resourceful. She was one of the kind of people that knew everything in the world. Once she mastered the t

word yet! I guess there must be something important to discuss with us? How can you say it's a trouble? "

The board members looked at Nina with astonishment.

Mr. Ceng sneered and said lightly, "it turns out that in Nina's eyes, we old men are all troublemakers?"

Dennis pursed his lips and rolled his eyes. Who was the damn old man? He was still young! Dennis shook his head and touched his round belly, but he didn't say anything on purpose.

Now he was in the same boat with Mr. Ceng, so there was no way they could separate the two sides! Of course, Dennis was not easy to deal with. He glanced at Nina with a ferocious look on his face.

Nina's hand hiding under the table was clenched. Her eyes were full of resentment. Although she pretended to be innocent, she did not know that this kind of expression made people feel more alienated.

"Lancy, I didn't mean that. How could you misunderstand me? I... "

In the past few days, it gradually dawned on Lancy that Nina was a person who would not give up easily. Even though Nina knew she was no match for Lancy, she still liked to challenge people above her.

Lancy waved her hand and smiled in a vague way. "Well, the sister fought with each other like this. Don't you afraid that everyone will laugh at you! Is it more important than work? "

Mr. Ceng nodded with satisfaction. It was good to set the interests above the overall situation.

Even Latin and Lapin thought that Lancy was a good girl, at least better than Nina.

With a few words, Lancy turned the tables. In everyone's eyes, Nina was such an unreasonable woman who didn't know how to behave herself.

Of course, there was something urgent in the meeting!

With a tinge of disbelief on his face, Mr. Chen began to doubt whether he was right by someone's instigation, but now he was in a dilemma. Fortunately, he did not fully trust Nina. It didn't matter if he would do as she said this time.

Everyone soon understood why Mr. Chen would say so.

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