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   Chapter 372 Things Had Changed

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Butler Liu didn't know that he sensed a chill coming from Lancy.

All of a sudden, Butler Liu couldn't help but feel sad. He seemed to be able to see Mr. Lakin in this familiar room But now, things had changed!

Lancy heard someone was sobbing, and she thought that she must have misheard for a second!

Who was sobbing, nothing happened? Lancy did not believe in ghosts. If there were really ghosts in the world, she had killed so many people. If she had met them earlier, she would not have survived till now.

However, a strange thing happened.

Lancy, who didn't believe in ghosts, was wondering. When she turned around, a face full of tears appeared in her sight.

Poor Butler Liu, he didn't want to disturb the soul of Mr. Lakin and Lancy, so he restrained himself. The more he thought about it, the sadder he became. At last, his tears fell down and his nose turned red.

If he was a handsome guy or a beauty, it will be a beauty while he is crying! However, Butler Liu was an old man. He didn't look handsome at all. Instead, he was a funny man.

Lancy was angry and amused at the same time. At the same time, she was touched by his thoughtfulness and loyalty. She believed that Butler Liu must be the closest person to her grandfather.

Butler Liu realized that he was behaving inappropriately. But he had suppressed his feelings to a certain extent, and finally let them out. How could he take them back!

Choking with sobs, he said, "Miss Lancy, did Mr. Lankin really tell you something in your dream? He... May be we should have a funeral ceremony! It's lucky for Mr. Lakin to be out of danger, but if it is true, how can he get the peace of his life? "

Butler Liu was in great sorrow. It was ruthless to make a loyal person realize the reality.

He would rather die for him!

Lancy knew what he meant. She was the one who worried about her grandfather!

The old people had their own opinions on the matter of life and death. Just like Butler Liu, in their minds, they thought that the dead should be buried well. For example, in the eyes of the old, just like the case of Mr. Lakin, wasn't it a ghost who had nowhere to rest?

Butler Liu's heart skipped a beat at the thought.

The true sadness was obvious.

Lancy finally became soft hearted to the old housekeeper. She knew that he was probably the only person who really cared about her grandfather in the family.

He was so loyal to her that Lancy could not help looking up at him.

Lancy smiled mysteriously and said, "Who told you my grandpa wouldn't come back? Who told you that he was missing? "

The butler was still in tears. All of a sudden, he was struck dumb. He could understand every word that Miss Lancy said, but when she brought them together, he couldn't u

oom like that?

The injured lion would only secretly hide and lick its wound.

In Lancy's opinion, the arrangement of the secret room did not seem like an old man's deep memory. Instead, it was more like an accompany of an old man.

Lancy's guess was right, and it was indeed not the old man's memory. Before, there were only trace of Mr. Lakin left in the secret basement. But after he told everything to Lancy, everything changed.

At that time, she didn't feel sad here, so she did it to make the room warm and sweet.

From the exhibition and order of the photos, it was not difficult to see who did it.

A glimmer of helplessness flashed across Lancy's eyes. She looked at the girl who was laughing so foolishly in the wall. She didn't know how to describe her current feelings.

Anyone who had eyes could see that it was her, the she she was now.

They were of the same age and totally different temperament! Those who didn't know the truth would believe that they were twins. However, only Lancy knew that no matter how silly she smiled in the photos, it was her own face.

"When I was born, when I learned to climb, when I walked for the first time, I rode on my father's head..." Lancy looked at all this in bewilderment. The photos on the wall were arranged in the order that the child had grown up.

That person was good at choosing pictures. They were almost the most meaningful pictures of a family of three in the growth of the female children. But there was nothing after she was about six years old.

There was no girl, no father or mother. There was nothing here.

No, it was not empty. After that was the photo of big silly smile.

The girl seemed to be saying that her daughter had come back and the three of them had finally reunited! No matter where her parents were, they were always closely connected.

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