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   Chapter 371 A Dream

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It seemed that Jill had taken herself as the hostess of the Lan Clan in the past few years.

"I'm your father's woman!" Jill had just lost her nerve after being irritated by Lancy.

However, her angry face was nothing intimidating to Lancy.

"My father's woman? 'Hey, Jill, you're not that young anymore. How can you still be so naive? If the marriage was not important, there was no need for all the women in the world to get married. What does my father's woman have to do with the Lan Clan? My mother's name is recorded on the clan profile. There is only one person on the marriage certificate Jill, don't you know that it's against the law to get me remarried? "

What kind of face was she that attempted to destroy the things of her parents?

Lancy looked at Jill from head to toe, which made Jill look lower than dust and lower than servants. Jill felt a hot on her face, as if she was slapped in the face instead.

Jill was so embarrassed and ashamed. Jill looked at Lancy, but as if looking through her, not at her, but at another woman.

It reminded Jill of the first time when she had brought Nina to the Lan Clan's house. At the first time when she met Belle, that woman had kept a sacred and inviolable look in her eyes. No matter what Jill had said or done, it was nothing to Belle.

Actually, it was ridiculous that Jay was more shocked and angry than Belle at that time. If Belle hadn't been heartbroken, people would have thought that she was really indifferent!

Belle was the calmest person in the whole Lan Clan. Perhaps, Belle had already calmed down after she closed the door to vent her anger. After all, Belle was incredibly calm when facing Jill.

At that time, Jill thought that Belle was a noble woman, while Jill was the most worst mud in the field. At that moment, Jill was extremely humble and inferior, and she would never forget that.

That was why the latter part of Jill's life depended on money, power and status. She always thought about becoming a man of power. Only by doing so, could she ease the humiliation that day.

"Belle..." Jill stared blankly at Lancy and spoke out Belle's name unconsciously.

Hearing that, Lancy was shocked too. She hadn't expected that... It was a beautiful name. Lancy knew that Belle was her mother.

For some reason, when Lancy thought of her mother, even though she didn't see her mother anymore, Lancy felt incredibly soft in her heart. Probably it was the magic of blood relationship.

Finally, Jill came to her senses and looked at Lancy with disgust. "You and your mother are so alike!"

A sinister smile spread across Jill's face. Everyone who saw Jill would know that Jill's target was not only Lancy, but also Belle. It was said that love me, love my dog. So was hate.

It was not a compliment at all. It was even more infuriating than swearing.

Hearing that, Lancy squinted in danger. After taking a deep breath, she said, "You and your mother look alike

ppointment as if Lancy was saying "uneducable" to Nina.

Nina was very upset. She couldn't hold back her anger anymore! "Mom, let's go."

Go? Where else could they go? Jill and Nina had nowhere else to go. What's more, once Jill and Nina walked into Lan Clan, they wouldn't get out easily.

"Butler Liu, I have been besieged by the Lan Clan from now on. No one can escape. Especially grandpa's room and the study area. "

Lancy wasn't afraid of being overheard, not to mention Nina's eavesdropping.

At the moment when the door was about to close, both Nina and Jill heard what they said. They were stunned and then disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Butler looked at the two women thoughtfully for a long time. Now he understood what Miss Lancy meant!

"Yes!" Butler Liu said solemnly. It was also his promise to Mr. Lakin. She would spare no effort to protect the walk into in her remaining years.

After thinking for a while, Lancy turned around and went upstairs to her grandfather's bedroom. She squatted in front of the safe and found something unusual. As expected, Nina was aiming at Mr. Lakin's safe box.

Lancy sneered. Maybe it was because of the psychological effect or the aura of Lancy, the Butler Liu who was following her felt wronged. As the old butler looked at the back of Lancy, he of course couldn't see her expression at that moment, and subconsciously thought of his lordship's death.

These days had passed, and he didn't have to do anything to deceive himself. But when it came to emotion, Butler hoped that Mr. Lakin could come back safely. He had been mentally prepared, and what was worse, he might die!

emotion then thought about what Miss Lancy and Nina had told him. He shouldn't have taken it seriously. But now, he felt that it was very cold in Mr. Lakin's room, and a chill came out from the bottom of his feet. Was it true that Mr. Lakin's soul had come back?

People in their old age always like to think too much.

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