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   Chapter 370 Conflicts

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They all knew what happened next. Even if Jay died, he died with Belle. The final result was the cruelest answer given to Jill by Jay.

Jill knew that Jay hated her for her scheming. He hated her for ruining his family and her appearance in his life. He even blamed his daughter Nina.

At first, Jill thought that she had already forgotten about the past and that cruel man. But now, she realized that she had deeply engraved those things in her soul and flesh!

She saw his affectionate and gentle face in the photo. He and that woman were happily living together. She was extremely angry.

The more suppressing you feel for a long time, the more likely you will become distorted, and not live up to your original appearance. Just by seeing Jill's twisted face, it was the best answer.

Her face crumpled with rage, which looked terrifying. She seized the photo of Jay and Belle and said ferociously, "Jay, even if you are dead, you will die with this woman. Have you regretted it? There must be justice, right? You've failed me and my daughter, so you need atone for your sin with Lan Clan. "

Jill muttered to herself, her eyes glassy. Perhaps even she wasn't sure whether the so-called atonement could heal her broken heart.

If Jay is not dead and he can repay her love, which is the priority of Lan Group and Lan Clan for Jill?

However, there was no if in life. Since Jay had passed away, he could not see the current situation of Lan Clan naturally.

"Mom, calm down. Don't forget what we are here for." Reminded Nina. She wasn't Jill. She had no affection or disgust towards that father. He was basically a stranger to her. Besides, he was dead now. It was useless to say those words.

Jill was so angry that she crumpled the photo and threw it on the ground.

It was not enough to vent her anger, so Jill gnashed her teeth and said, "after you get things done, burn these things to ashes, and then throw them into the water. Don't leave anything."

Nina nodded her head, but she couldn't think of anything else. Lakin had carefully hidden the place. Could it be the source of the password?

Both of them were so concentrated in their own world that they didn't notice the presence of another person.

The person would most hide her breath and deliberately hide in the darkness. She stared at the prey like a serpent, and her eyes were particularly bright in the darkness.

Suddenly, a cold and creepy voice rang out, which was extremely frightening. The voice said, "I want to know who will be burnt to ashes in the end."

Jill and Nina's hearts skipped a beat and they got goosebumps all over their bodies. It was already late at night which made them so scared.

Nina was already feeling guilty. In the blink of an eye, her palms were s


Hearing this, Lancy giggled and said, "it sounds like Nina doesn't have a mother-in-law. Jill, thank you for your reminding. I remember you, Butler. How long has Nina lived here? No one in Han Clan to pick her up? "

Butler was suddenly enlightened. He wondered if there was something wrong, and that was the reason.

Nina's eyes turned red. She opened and shut her mouth, unspeaking. Finally, she insisted, "why do you drag me into this? Just mind your own business. You don't have to worry about me."

"Of course I do." Lancy looked at the messy study with the brightest smile and said, "you are my good sister. You are so concerned about me. If I don't care, it is my fault. Butler, please come to Han Clan tomorrow morning. If Nina has any problem, we can solve it at your own free will. Don't damage the friendship between the two families. "

"Lancy, don't push me too far!" Nina screamed. She was unwilling to see Kevin again under such a circumstance? See him again?

Not to mention that she had already divorced with Kevin, even without a divorce, the whole Han Clan hated her very much! If Lancy sent someone to invite the member of Han Clan, wouldn't it trample on her face severely?

With a snort, Lancy continued, "yes, I bullied you. So what? You two, don't be so shameless to try to get benefit in Lan Clan. Don't overestimate yourself. "

"Lancy, you! I'm your elder, and Nina is your sister... "

"Humph! An elder? Jill, who are you? Have you married a member of Lan Clan? But I don't know, who is your husband? " Shaking her hands, Lancy didn't even look at Jill.

Lan Clan was told what happened to her family by Marvin after he investigated it in detail. Therefore, she was clear about the relationship between Jill and her parents! It was impossible for Lancy to be nice to a woman who ruined her family.

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