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   Chapter 369 Came To The Study At Night

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9730

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It had been four days since Jill returned to Lan Clan.

In the short four days, she had lived a life that she had longed for.

What was the result? As the saying goes, there is no tiger in the mountain. The monkey is the overlord! All of a sudden, Lakin, who was pinning on top of her head, disappeared. Jill was extremely relieved. She had a domineering image in the whole Lan Clan and had a good time making members of the family.

In the beginning, she had been trying to be nice. But now, Jill was the largest member of the Lan Clan.

Otherwise, how could she and Nina get into the room of Mr. Lakin?

He didn't even bother to find an excuse and broke in despite butler's dissuasion! Of course, the whole story could not be described in detail. It must be threatening and suppressing.

Since Mr. Lakin was out, Lancy wasn't around, then the butler was only a servant.

"Mom, please think about it again. What kind of password does my grandfather use?" Nina was so helpless that she sat on the ground gasping for air, regardless of her lady image. "Time is limited..."

"I know. You have said it many times. Time is limited. Try to take advantage of Lancy's not coming back, or it will be too late!" Jill was never a docile girl. When she was bullied again and again, she was even angry with her own daughter. "No matter how hurry we are, the safe can't be opened by itself."

Jill complained unhappily, while her head kept spinning. Lakin's own birthday, the birthday of his only son, the anniversary of the establishment of the company, and even Lancy's birthday, all you can think of have tried it again, but it didn't work!

Jill was so embarrassed.

But she knew that it was just a thought. Nobody knew how excited she was when she knew her daughter had a share transfer agreement.

This was Lakin's true stock. If she got all the shares of him, it meant that the whole Lan Group and Lan Clan would belong to her and her daughter.

As for Lancy, she had already been married off. Did she still want to take over her mother's business?

Jill didn't ask Nina how she got the share transfer agreement. She had to open her grandpa's safe so that the agreement could be public. It seemed that Nina didn't get it through legal channels.

Of course, Jill didn't care about that, so she didn't ask more. She was knocked unconscious by the pies falling from the sky. Now she could only see a bright tomorrow.

Nobody knew how wonderful the next day would be, but Jill knew that if she couldn't open Lakin's safe, it would be a daydream.

Jill had her own plans. Whether it was the will or the agreement made by the Lakin, it had nothing to do with her. She was not young any more, and she miss her best time now. It was even harder for her to marry other men, because Lakin was there looking after her.

Compared with men, Jill wanted become richer.

In the safe, i

d already forgotten that man.

Now she realized that it was all a lie. She had never forgotten Jay. Who could have really forgotten such a charming and faithful man?

It was said that every woman would meet an unforgettable man in her life. That was Jay and Jill. Unfortunately, it was not the right time for Jill to meet Jay. At that time, he had already married another woman.

People always said that it was useless to force others, and Jill never believed in fate. She didn't believe in fate. Now that everyone knew it, there was no need to say more.

Jay's death, the impact on Jill can be imagined! She wasn't feeling sorry for him. What she had gone through wasn't unwillingness, betrayal and despair. All of these had turned into hate for him.

Sometimes, hatred is the despair of love! Maybe, that was the retribution of Jill. Only she knew how much she loved that man.

Many years ago, she schemed against others and bore a heavy load. When Nina was seven years old, she brought her to the Lan Clan. That showed that Jill took a fancy to not only the wealth of the Lan Clan, but also the wife of Jay. She wanted to be his legitimate wife.

The appearance of Nina was a huge blow to Belle, followed by the disappearance of Lancy, which took half her life!

Jill had investigated thoroughly and known that although Mrs. Belle was in poor health, she was particularly stubborn in personality. She hated to be betrayed! Therefore, she had endured for so long, in order to make a scene in front of Belle.

Just as she expected, Belle would never allow herself to be together. Jay was determined to divorce with Jay! It was totally out of Jill's expectation that Jay was unwilling to divorce Belle in such a difficult situation.

Before that, Jill could deceive herself that it was Belle who held the same position as her and refused to divorce. It turned out that Jay was not the one who was willing to give up.

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