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   Chapter 367 You Must Be Cured

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Perhaps, it was from this moment that she believed that something had really happened between her and Marvin...

"Honey, don't think too much. Let nature take its course." Marvin patted her head. His eyes became heavy. He thought of Myron and suddenly turned his words. "Because, no matter what happens, you are already mine."

If the first sentence, which made Lancy feel a little touched, then the last word made her want to bury the real pleasure in her mouth.

'How shameless he is!'

"Who the hell belong to you? Go away!" It was hard to tell whether Lancy was angry or embarrassed. Her fair and tender cheeks were rosy. She pouted and rushed out.

She was wrong, really wrong! How could she consider Marvin as a good man? Clearly, he was...

What was he?

He didn't do anything to her. Actually, he didn't take advantage of her. He just moved his lips, which was far from being a dressed up beast!

She couldn't find a word to describe, and became even angrier.

They went back to the Central Lake House in tandem.

Looking at his upset little wife, Marvin could not help thinking, 'no matter what kind of person Lancy is, she is still who she is!'! When she was innocent and romantic, there was a cruel side of her occasionally; when she became the woman who could fight with him side by side, she was also lovely.

Since it was her, why did he have to think about which one he really loved?

Marvin never deceived himself. He could always see his true nature through the appearance! Therefore, there were few things in the world that could cover his eyes.

Lancy didn't know that when the man stared at her, his eyes were bright and clear.

Lancy was so angry that she almost lost her temper. But all of a sudden, she remembered what she got from Freda, and then she snickered.

She turned around, grabbed the piece of paper and tucked it into Marvin's hand. With a sly smile, she said, "Marvin, I hope you won't let Freda down. I know you hate doctors. Just find an appropriate time to visit doctors."

Lancy just turned around and betrayed Freda. Is that really a good deal?

What about the friendship? They have agreed to don't tell him the truth. What about trying to remind him kindly?

Hate doctors? Secretly going to the hospital?

Marvin had an ominous premonition. He carefully looked at the piece of paper that Lancy gave him.

All of a sudden, the face of Marvin turned sullen, while the woman next to him was yelling in the air with her hands on her hips.

Well, of course, the yelling was a little exaggerated, but in the eyes of Marvin, it was almost yelling.

The name of the hospital was printed on the card: doctor, XX infertility hospital.

"It's sa

it at ordinary times, but it would be more and more strong when she was deeply in love with him.

Taking a deep breath, he wondered if that meant she had a crush on him as he did?

Her small face, which was as small as a palm, seemed to be even redder.

Only because he said he missed her... It was not that she didn't know anything. She knew about the story of man and woman. What the man said couldn't be understood in a normal way. It was a physical desire?

Marvin lowered his head and saw a beautiful view.

The women under him widened her eyes. With rage and shyness, she looked incredibly beautiful! Compared with her previous shyness, Lancy was more feminine, which surprised Marvin greatly.

He could not help but feel her hot cheeks with his fingertips. Absent minded, he mumbled to himself, "that was how you were at that night seven years ago... I'm so moved. "

Lancy clutched her collar tightly and looked at him unbelievably. What, what did he say? He had said that he missed her, and then he had a crush on her. No matter how silly she was, she had realized that this was sweet words!

Most likely, that between a man and a woman was the same thing.

However, Marvin was a true God! How many people regarded him as a omnipotent God standing between heaven and earth? No one could imagine the scene of the God whispering love?

He had never talked about it when they were newly married and fell in love with each other.

There was no doubt that Marvin wouldn't say much in a relationship. At that time, Lancy was soft and cute. He was silent in front of such a person, but now he did it unconsciously.

It turned out that once things started, it would be less difficult.

When he said that, his eyes shone with excitement.

He looked into her eyes, as if to swallow her.

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