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   Chapter 366 He Cares Too Much About You

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Mrs. Wilson defeated them successfully, and she was the biggest contribution!

After a moment's silence, Mrs. Wilson opened her eyes again. "Keep an eye on Lancy and Myron. Don't tell anyone about this. Now there is no evidence. It's not good for us to get in front of Sidney. When we have all the evidence we need. One hit is the right one

"But, madam, what if we can't find the evidence?" Mrs. Lena was worried.

Mrs. Wilson hid herself in the dark and said coldly, "if we don't have evidence, then make it! The young man and the young woman, like the firewood and the fire, once collided, the scene would be uncontrollable! Sometimes, the more depressed you are, the more explosive you will be. But... "


Mrs. Wilson smiled: "it's just a pity for Myron. What a pity! "

Mrs. Lena lowered her head, making her look more horrifying. Mrs. Wilson said pitifully, but we could not feel any sympathy or pity at all.

"Let's go. The guests are waiting for us. Today, I am the bride." At the same time, Mrs. Lena supported Mrs. Wilson up and took her out of the room.

The golden marriage ceremony was more exciting than she expected!

When Mrs. Wilson came, it was time for cutting cake. Mrs. Wilson looked coldly at Lancy, who was like duck to water among the guests. It was rare for her to have a straight face, cold to each other.

Instead, them would do whatever Lancy said.

No matter they would cut the cake or show off their love, Mrs. Wilson had no objection! There was even a little smile between her eyebrows, but no warmth at all.

Mrs. Wilson smiled faintly. The noise around her seemed to be far away from her, as if she was in the sky, as if she was in another world.

Then she heard Sidney was whispering in her ear.

"You did a good job today." Mr. Sidney's announcement made people admire them for the couple's deep love to each other.

In fact?

Sidney and Mrs. Wilson were not that close.

Rare to be praised, Mrs. Wilson looked at Sidney and chuckled, "really? Are you praising me? "


Mr. Sidney nodded, and then let her go. It turned out that the show was over.

However, instead of getting angry, Mrs. Wilson laughed. Sidney had taken the wedding ceremony as a show. And he had taken it as his grandson's blind date!

However, the result might disappoint him.

His beloved grandson loved his sister-in-law At the moment, Mrs. Wilson felt a thrill of revenge. It seemed that Mr. Sidney's pain had become the source of her happiness.

Because she didn't trouble Lancy at the banquet and didn't throw her a hard time, and that was why he praised her?

Mrs. Wilson thought if Sidney would continue to take a fancy to this extraordinary granddaughter in law. He would regret it one day!

He didn't know where Myron was. Mr. Sidney thought he looked at a lady and they went on a date


Lancy walked out of the study with the buzzing sound in her ears. The moment she raised her eyes, she saw at the first sight of Marvin, who had been waiting for her.

Unconsciously, Mr. Sidney's words echoed in her ears.

"Marvin, he cares about you. he care about you so much..." Love...

At this moment, confusion filled her black eyes which were as black as the moon in the sky. She stared straight at the man. Suddenly, she seemed to be unable to grasp anything.

Marvin frowned. Apparently, he felt something wrong when he saw that. He asked, "what's wrong, Lancy? Did grandpa say something to you? "

She didn't reply, as she could see the real care and anxiety in his eyes. This man, worried about her? Was he really worried about her?


The man's voice was really beautiful, just like the mellow coffee, making it difficult to recall for a long time. However, Marvin was different. Not everyone could be so gentle to him. Therefore, he was particularly charming-unique.

"Marvin, what happened between us? What's the relationship? What kind of feeling have I had? " Lancy blurted out her doubts unconsciously.

Since she woke up, for the first time, Lancy was curious about what had happened between her and Marvin! What on earth had happened between them that made them become concerned? He cared? Or she would even become the "love" in the eyes of others?

Her eyes glittered and Marvin smiled. Apparently, he was pleased by what Lancy said. "We, are in love."

It was not that he fell in love with her, nor that she fell in love with him. They loved each other, not unilaterally, but mutual affection.

They loved each other...

Lancy was shocked and her mood swing was beyond description. She stared at Marvin, wondering why this cold man was so gentle and tender.

He was serious.

Lancy was shocked by this thought and her pupils kept shrinking.

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