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   Chapter 365 Breaking Up

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Lancy really felt nauseated, and her stomach was full of sour.

As for if it really had something to do with him, it could only be said that he induced it, but not the main cause.

When he saw that she was suffering, Myron's heart was tightened. "I met you first, and I knew you first. Why, the person you fall in love with isn't me? I should have... "

Lancy took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. Finally, she succeed in calming down.

Her dark eyes gazed at Myron. At the moment, she was not suspicious but calm. Maybe there was something she really couldn't remember, but there was one thing that she was sure of. She didn't know what had happened between her and Myron, but she was very sure that she had no idea of the Lu Clan or Myron when she knew Marvin.

"…… You can't know me earlier than Marvin. " Lancy said firmly.

Myron's face suddenly turned pale.

"Do you know what kind of person he is? He was indifferent when you were in danger? Don't you know how cruel and bloody he is? He is not for you! He is not for you! "

Myron was totally drunk and he had lost his mind. The words coming out of his mouth were so cruel!

Hearing his words, Lancy was stunned for a while. She looked at him with contempt.

"Lancy, listen to me. I don't want you to be deceived by him again..."

Before he could finish his sentence, a slap fell on his face. Who else would slap him except Lancy?

After the slap, Myron was completely dumbfounded. He had expected that he would be rejected, teased and even looked down upon, but he had never thought that it would be like this.

She hit him and gave him a hard slap.

This slap didn't hurt Myron at all. Instead, he felt his heart was broken into pieces.

The heartbreaking in the real sense.

Looking down at the man, Lancy did not know why but felt her heart beat. It was not for Myron, as if it was for Marvin. "I know him better than you. You don't need to tell me what kind of person he is. Do you know why I slapped you? "

"After all, he is your elder brother and you are related by blood. You could even gossip and poach your family members. I'm impressed. "

Only people without family would know the importance of family affection.

Myron couldn't judge Marvin as his brother, no matter what Lancy thought of him.

Lancy would look down upon this man!

Lancy turned around and froze in place. Marvin was standing there and looking at them with a gray face. Nobody knew when he had come and how much he had heard.

Myron was still in shock, but he felt extremely ashamed when meeting his brother.

He even didn't dare to look up into his eyes...

For the first time, Myron felt so inferior in front of his brother. He didn't know if it was because of what he had done, or because of Lancy's presence and the disrespectful slap.

All he knew was that from now on, it could

lly against her will. So she refrain herself from hitting Zen. That was totally unbelievable! "How can you be so shameless to do that? Myron, Myron... Lena, did you hear that clearly? "

Suddenly, Lena knelt in front of Mrs. Wilson and held up three fingers. She swore to the God: "Mrs., I dare not say it without hearing that! I heard clearly. MR. Myron held Mrs. Lancy's hands, said he loved her, and said the one in his heart was Mrs. Lancy. "

Mrs. Wilson fell into the seat, feeling cold all over. She fixed her eyes on Mrs. Lena and didn't miss any of her facial expressions.

She actually believed in Lena from the bottom of her heart.

She knew that she would definitely not lie about it! Mrs. Wilson bit her lip and closed her eyes. She was lost in thought. When she looked back, she suddenly realized the representation of Myron.

It was no wonder that Myron became more and more gloomy and speechless since Lancy and Marvin got married. No wonder he always said that he was not going to get married and he didn't want to find anyone when it came to marriage. No wonder he was disgusted with marriage, but he didn't say anything every time Lancy proposed.

It turned out to be this case!

"Just say that Lancy is a scourge and a devil. She is simply shameless! If we were in the ancient times, we would have drowned her! " It was all Lancy's fault. That was the most convincing evidence for Mrs. Wilson.

Mrs. Lena swallowed back the words on the tip of her tongue. After she calmed down, she realized that Mrs. Lancy seemed not to be moved at all. Instead, she seemed to have slapped Mr. Myron across the face!

However, Mrs. Lena bowed her head. After weighing the pros and cons, she decided to swallow her words of explanation.

"Should we tell Mr. Sidney now?" Mrs. Lena said tentatively. If Mr. Sidney knew this, Mr. Myron or Mrs. Lancy would be doomed! Even Marvin would be involved!

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