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   Chapter 364 A Touching Confession

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After all, he is Marvin.

"Well, is it true?" The two girls leaned against each other, Freda covering her face with hands. They didn't know what to say for fear that they would break into tears! "I've found the hospital you asked me to look for. But I'm worried about Marvin. He doesn't want to go to that hospital. It's a famous hospital for curing infertility. They are reliable."

Infertility... Before she screamed, Lancy covered her mouth and stared at Freda with her big eyes. She realized that it was true.

No wonder she said they could sleep in separate bedrooms and he agreed so readily. It turned out he had a hidden disease...

'Ah, what an indescribable feeling of comfort is!'

Freda was so shy and couldn't stand it anymore. So she gave it to Lancy.

"This is the name card of the expert. I've already prepared it. How to take my brother with us? It's up to you!"

Freda then turned around and left in a hurry.

It would be improper for even his own sister to be involved in such a thing. Whoops, it was too shameful.

Lancy was wandering out of the world for a long time.

The north corner where Lancy was located was hidden enough. Only the members of Lu Clan could find this good place. Why did she say it was great? The good point was that they could see a large garden from here. It was hidden and broad, and there was no one disturbing it. As a bystander, it was great.

The young masters and ladies outside had already had a good chat, and they were no longer so reserved as before. They said nothing and even joked.

Perhaps it was because of Myron's absence and indifference that he gradually became no longer the focus of the public attention. As time passed, he became somewhat incompatible with the outside world.

Of course, the pattern was definitely designed by Myron himself.

After seeing that they were so devoted to each other, Myron left.

He could not go back to the main hall. His grandparents and all the other guests would certainly not let him go! He would definitely be driven back and piled up with these ladies.

How about... Myron suddenly remembered that there was another place in the garden that was perfect for hiding.

That's right, where Lancy was.

With a bottle of red wine in his hand, Myron walked north alone! However, it never occurred to him that Lancy was there.

When they looked at each other, Myron was surprised and then a little happy. "You have been here all the time, looking at me?"

Hearing that, Lancy came to herself. She put the name card of the expert into her arms in an unnoticeable manner and nodded slightly. "I have to look at you!

her you like the man or not, as long as you didn't hate him very much, you would feel a little bit happy and flattered.

As for Lancy, if you had to ask about her feelings at this moment, she only wanted to laugh, because she just found it ridiculous.

To Lancy, Myron was not the man who had saved her life from Hanson; he was not the uncle Myron children liked, nor was he the little partner she trusted.

He was just the "brother" of Marvin.

If he was not the younger brother of Lancy, maybe she would not care about it. But the fact was cruel, she only knew that nominally, she was his sister-in-law.

Why would Myron fall in love with her?

She frowned and looked at him as if he was a lunatic. "Myron, do you know what you are talking about? I'm your sister-in-law, and you said you love me? "

Lancy's disbelief, shock, and even reproach were all weapons to attack Weston, and the most powerful weapon to hurt him in the world.

Myron was so hurt, and he roared," I fell in love with you before you married him! I met you first, and I like you first...

I fell in love with you first! Lancy, I love you. I love you. I only love you... "

Myron was like a devil, eager to show her his heart.

Seeing him like this, she felt like her stomach was churning.

He grabbed her clothes in such a humble and begging manner and asked, "can you just face up to me? Don't ignore me anymore? "

"…… Wait a minute. " Lancy started to feel sick and she was about to throw up. "Please stay away from me. I feel like vomiting."

But what she didn't know was that her politeness had hurt Myron deeply.

He thought that she didn't like him anymore... To what extent? She even wanted to throw up when seeing him? Nothing was more cruel than this.

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