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   Chapter 363 There Are Hundreds Of Flowers To Go For A Beauty

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9380

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The little sexy dress set off Lancy's curvy figure, and the mysterious purple one was so charming that it seemed that there was something unclear between the woman's eyebrows. She was so beautiful that nobody could take their eyes off her.

That was why Marvin had kept his eyes on Lancy.

At the first sight of Lancy, even Marvin, she became very attractive, let alone these people.

Marvin held her soft hand and looked down at the guests who were staring at them. The woman standing next to Marvin belongs to him.

The man's cold eyes fell on Myron, who was in a trance as if he hadn't noticed it.

Marvin frowned.

Myron had never seen Lancy in such a way! At this moment, the whole world seemed to stop. He could only hear his own heartbeats, plop, plop, plop, plop!

It turned out that one's heart could really be so loud that one could not even control himself.

Freda said, "Why does Lancy suddenly become so beautiful? It's all Marvin's credit." But now, Myron was back to reason.

Regaining his presence of mind, Myron lowered his eyes.

"Wow! Myron, Freda!" Lancy broke free from Marvin's grip and asked, "What are you talking about?"

Lancy would never admit that she did this to avoid being noticed by Marvin.

She walked quickly and stood in front of Marvin, back to him. His fiery sight was like a needle on the back. Could he be demure? Don't stare at her all the time.

In fact, Lancy had never thought there was a problem to dress herself up like this. After all, women always wanted to be beautiful no matter how beautiful they were.

Now Lancy suddenly regretted that it didn't include Marvin.

"I'm glad to say that you're getting more and more beautiful. It's all because of Marvin." Freda was here to tell Myron the truth.

Lancy almost lost her balance. She was shocked and extremely embarrassed.

'Freda, can you hear me? What did she mean by saying "It's all because of Marvin"? "What is she talking about?

"Marvin, what I said is right, isn't it?"

"Well, that makes sense." Marvin was serious, this was definitely the classic face on the negotiating table.

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but roll her eyes. Then she gave a glare at Marvin.

She walked to the center of the hall and said in a clear voice, "ladies and gentlemen, it's the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. Sidney and Mrs. Wilson, thank you for your coming. On behalf of the Lu Clan, I'm very grateful."

"As you can see, an open-air activity area is also prepared in the garden. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested, can go to enjoy the flowers and cruise ships."

The dinner party was specially prepared for Myron, but it was now a collective blind date banquet. In other words, the Lu Clan intended to provide an opportunity for his fa

anything, Mr. Myron?"

A bright light flashed across Myron's eyes, but he immediately joined the conversation. The girls were just ten sentences and he replied often.

Lancy, who was in the north of the garden, saw clearly the impatience and indifference in Myron's eyes. "Well, well, they are really brothers. Are you sure that Myron won't be single all the time?"

Freda rolled her eyes and hid her worry perfectly. She said half-jokingly, "How could Myron be single all his life? Even Marvin meet you, so Myron would not be single."

It meant that Myron would meet a right person for sure.

Hearing that, the corners of Lancy's mouth twitched. How could it happen that they talked about Marvin again?

Hearing this, Freda was patted on the waist and asked, "Lancy, how about your plan? Is my brother okay? "

Freda didn't know what to say. What she really wanted to know was how her brother was?

Freda didn't forget that Lancy had asked her about the infertility. Ha ha, it was unnecessary to say who was the patient directly.

Lancy looked around with a conditioned reflex, fearing that Marvin made another crack from the corner.

'Damn it! What did I hear? Did I hear it wrong? Did Freda mean what she said?'

Lancy thought she was very calm, but in fact, her black and white eyes were wandering, and she felt inexplicably guilty. She pricked up her ears, just like the white rabbit. Because it was about the male dignity of Marvin, Lancy was very curious.

Lancy was so curious that she ignored the topic of 'dare to touch my buns'.

'Could it be true... Whoops, the scene was so beautiful that it was hard to see.

The curious look of Lancy turned into guilt and embarrassment somehow in Freda's eyes. Therefore, Freda replied, "I can, I can understand. Because I think the scene is too beautiful to look straight into her eyes.".

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