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   Chapter 358 Everything Is Settled Ⅱ

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9516

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"What? Are you afraid?" Lancy sneered, but her bright black eyes were full of coldness. "What are you afraid of? What will I do to you in broad daylight? Your handbag... "

Lancy bypassed Nina and lifted her handbag.

"I just want to tell you that you forgot to take your own bag."

so what?

Nina's heart was beating so fast as if it would jump out from her throat. Then, she stretched out both of her hands to take the box. However, it seemed that Lancy had no interest in returning it to her at all.

From a height, Lancy looked down at the anxious Nina.

"Thank you!" So, please give your bag back to me soon. Nina bit her lower lip unconsciously, which contained the original copy of the share certificates...

Hearing this, Lancy rolled her eyes and gave bag to Nina.

Nina felt relieved and reflexively held her bag in her arms, fearing that it would be snatched by Lancy again.

But when she looked into Lancy's eyes which were half smiling, she had an inexplicable feeling of being seen through. Embarrassed, Nina looked down and said, "I have something else to do. I have to go now."

When the door was about to be closed, Nina heard Lancy's voice again.

"Nina, you should know what you have done! Don't covet the thing that doesn't belong to you! You have to pay for what you owe them one day. Do you understand? "

Lancy's voice was neither loud nor low, but every word she said hit right on the heart of Nina, terrifying.

Nina's body stiffened and then she walked away without looking back.

With a cold smile, she thought, 'this woman, you don't even have time to sound me out. Damn it!'!

Soon, the news from the board of directors was spreading, and everyone in the board knew this. Their dangling heart was finally relieved. Nobody wants to be fired, right? Moreover, in the industry, the benefits of Lan Group are not poor. Who wants to lose a gold job?

How fast the news traveled? To your surprise, nothing is impossible. Soon, the news that Lan Group had gone through the crisis came to the ears of Mr. Andy.

Nearly an hour later, Mr. Andy was so angry that he overturned his desk.

"Idiot! Totally idiot!" Mr. Andy's whole mouth was trembling. People were not afraid that he would pass out next second and even roll his eyes.

Mr. Andy had proven that the person in anger would not easily pass out.

"Can't she do anything right? She's messed up! "It's so useless!" Mr. Andy was so angry that he spoke without thinking. 'the bearing and demeanor of an elder, go to hell!'!

If Nina couldn't take over Lan Group, he couldn't do anything.

He only wanted to do it! He had finished all the things that were not supposed to be done! Mr. Andy thought that the whole plan was perfect, and the degree of completion was also perfect. But the last step needed to be done by Nina...


the police or tell anyone?" Mr. Andy was confused.

Nina felt the same way. She replied, "yes. She was just threatening me... I think she wants to get back at us bit by bit, right? "

When Nina thought of the last words that Lancy said to her, she felt that she would be scared to wake up when she was sleeping.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the woman wanted them to live in hell That's why she didn't call the police or tell anyone about the truth. She intended to torture them bit by bit until they survived.

Mr. Andy snorted heavily. He paced back and forth and said coldly, "hold her tight for the time being. She has no chance to tell anyone else... For the moment, don't irritate her, okay? "

He would like to take advantage of this woman's present psychology to strive for time to get rid of her!

Mr. Andy sneered. Everyone in Lan Clan was stupid.


Nina looked at Mr. Andy with suspicion, "Mr. Andy, will there be any more mistakes this time?"

Mr. Andy looked at Nina coldly. Nina didn't know who she was and where she was now. Did she really think that Jiang Clan planned for her?

No way.

A trace of contempt flashed through Mr. Andy's eyes. "Or, you come?"

Nina's doubt was frozen on her face. If she had the power and influence, she would have done it by herself long ago. Why did she cooperate with Mr. Andy and let them get the upper hand?

She was not stupid.

The good thing was that Nina knew that she made Mr. Andy angry. She smiled immediately and said, "Mr. Andy, where are you? I still have to depend on you in the future! Please take care of Lancy for me. "

"EM," Mr. Andy replied, "as for the matter of exchanging shares as agreement, you'd better take your time too. Now, with the threat of Lancy, you must be sure to do your job smoothly and never provoke her. Don't damage the contract, understand? "

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