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   Chapter 357 Everything Is SettledⅠ

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The scheme of Latin and Lapin came into fruition. Lancy was only acting as the CEO of the company, but not in real position. They still didn't know whether she was capable enough to take that position two years later.

There was no doubt that Lancy gave them time.

Lancy promised in front of everyone that she would discuss with the directors on any important thing of the company, and that she would give them the power.

Latin and Lapin had never thought about being enthroned by them because it was unrealistic.

But they can find a puppet and let them control it... What Lancy said just fitted in exactly with their wishes? He had stirred up many directors to support her decision.

Lenny and Daniel looked at each other with a smile and said nothing.

"You are a good girl. As the elders, we should fulfill your filial piety." Latin put on a sincere smile. It was the first time that he had ever shown his sincere smile to Lancy. "I'm sure all of you agree with me, right?"

Both Dennis and Mr. Ceng had already raised their hands and feet in agreement.

The leader had said. Of course, the whole country was in a state of harmony and joy.

Oh, no, there was still another Nina there!

It happened too fast. Hadn't they made a deal yet? 'since she has promised to be difficult to Lancy? What about the group attack? The speed of this betrayal was so intoxicating. Could they enjoy playing and chatting happily?

Nina didn't expect that they would end up like this. Everyone on the board of directors supported Lancy, and everyone supported her!

Do you still remember who is the real beneficiary of the share? It was her, not Lancy. Grandpa had handed over the whole Lan Group to Nina, so it was her!

Nina was very irritable, very irritable, very anxious. She wished she could take the shares in her hand as soon as possible.

She didn't care about the prestige or anything else. She just wanted to compete with Lancy!

Seeming to have discerned Nina's thoughts, Lancy smiled and said to her, "as for the share transfer agreement, you should first find the original copy of the will. If it was established before the will, you don't have to worry, if it is after the will..."

Shit! Nina immediately understood what was not in Lancy's words, and if the agreement was made after the will, then the exact time would be coveted. That is so meaningful!

Lancy knew it! She knew it! She definitely did it on purpose.

Nina felt like that she had internal injuries, and they hurt her so much. She had already guessed what Lancy would do next if she made that agreement. She was now waiting for her to cut in to reveal the truth!

Nina had already vomited blood, and she didn't want to vomit. What's worse, she had to swallow it herself and even no chance to get her sympathy!

It's not a big deal. Lancy has shown me the same expression.'spitting up, swallowing. People w

excitement and suddenly uttered.

Nina was so shocked that she broke into a cold sweat. When their eyes met, she looked at each other and saw the contempt in Lancy's eyes.

"Lancy, Lan Group is not yours. Don't be too proud!" When there were only the two people left in the meeting room, Nina had nothing to worry about.

Instead of getting angry, Lancy smiled and said, "it doesn't matter whether Lan Group belongs to me or not, as long as it doesn't belong to you."

Perhaps others would not believe that Lancy did have no interest in Lan Group. She only had a lot of money, and she also had many ways to make money. To be honest, based on Lancy's social status, employment fund of a task might buy the whole Lan Group.

And this was just the reward for a mission.

Therefore, Lancy never coveted the so-called Lan Group. If it was not grandpa's work, she did not need to engage those people.

However, things would be different if she took revenge.

Nina wanted Lan Group.

After meeting with the board of directors, Lancy knew what she would do. Nina wants to get the business of Lan Group, so she would do harm to grandfather!

She wanted to take over Lan Group? Humph! No way!

She didn't expect that Lancy would return good for evil, nor did dhe expect that she would let go of her for the sake of their bloodline! Lancy was silent for a while. She sneered in her mind. She had sentenced Nina.



When she heard Lancy's cold voice, Nina suddenly felt that the light in front of her eyes dimmed. It turned out that Lancy was standing absolutely close to her and she seemed to be embedded in the darkness. Nina was surprised and scared at the same time. What the hell did she want to do?

When her slender fingers touched Nina's cheek, it was so light but cold that Nina even got goose bumps.

She swallowed. This time she felt that Nina fells Lancy was a horrible and terrifying woman.

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