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   Chapter 356 An Outsider

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Being called an outsider on the board of directors was driving Nina crazy! How, how could they say something like that to her?

For the sake of the general interests, Nina could do nothing but lowered her head. Her hands grasping the wheelchair had turned white. She swore to herself that she would let Latin and Lapin regret someday.

When she became the new CEO, the first thing she did was to teach these two old men a lesson!

At the beginning of the board meeting, Nina had thought of playing up to them to help her succeed in her career.

Malice and resentment could not escape the eyes of others.

Except for Lancy and Girt, the people present were more experienced than Nina. She had failed.

When Lapin spoke, he didn't care anything. He immediately interrupted and said, "stop. You just an outsider. Who do you think you are? How dare you call us' Grandpa'? You don't know courtesy? "

"You!" Nina was so infuriated that she almost failed to breathe. Anger was building up inside her but she tried her best to hold it back.

However, on the other hand, Lancy stood aside all the time. She would definitely not help her after she knew that Nina was involved in the kidnap with ulterior motives.

She was happy to see them suffer.

Latin gave a sidelong glance at Lapin, then he looked at Lancy with his turbid black eyes and said insincerely: "Lapin, all right, you don't have to be so serious with a younger generation. Besides, this is a board meeting, not a family meeting. "

Nina endured anger.

There was a saying that should be kept. You have already gained the upper hand in words, but you still had to pretend to be generous in the end. It was no use! She's even more mad.

Thanks to the reminding of Latin, they changed the subject.

"We don't know anything about the law. I think we'd better ask Mr. Girt for some advice." Latin made a decision. Nina had been eliminated from his list of candidates.

Even if they supported Lancy, it was still better than the one who had a grudge against them.

Girt's voice was as calm as usual, as if he didn't care about the farce at all.

Indeed, as a lawyer, he had dealt with all sorts of people, which were much more troublesome than this. No wonder he was so calm.

"Before the original copy of the divorce agreement is less legal." Mr. Girt was professional.

But Mr. Girt said from the very beginning that he could get the original copy of the file, which also needed to prove the deadline of the divorce agreement. Perhaps Nina was really pissed off with him so she forgot the date of divorce at present.

She had been thinking hard on how to put the original copy of the file into the safe of Lakin. It was well-known that whose safe was able to be opened so easily? All of the drawers in their offices had no difficult password?

Such as numbers, fingerprints, eye looks, etc.

Nina f

termined that no one could doubt her. "I hope nothing will change when Grandpa comes back."

One third of the board members were moved.

She wanted to protect everything for her grandpa well. Whether she had any ulterior motives or not, at least, she did not seize the opportunity to make use of the will and her identity as the eldest daughter, which was very rare.

Nina, just an outsider, couldn't help showing her desire.

In the eyes of Nina, there was no doubt that Lancy's behavior was normal, but in the eyes of Mr. Ceng, it was different.

It was obvious that Lancy had a powerful and wealthy family background. She was the successor of the Lan Group's business. Why should she hide her real identity? She should have been so well behaved.

Then what Lancy said showed that filial piety is the most important thing for children.

Nina who couldn't wait for their family to come back after missing for less than a month wanted to take over the company. Only such coldness could make people feel chilling.

"I will discuss with all the board directors about the company's important events. In this way, we won't delay the company's business." She was considerate. She not only strived for time for her grandfather, but also kept people who were ready to move.

Everyone in the company was jittery because of the matter of Mr. Lakin.

"What if... Your grandfather won't come back..." As long as one of the board directors says something, it is possible to do it without a deadline, isn't it?

Lancy took a deep look at that man and said, "two years is the deadline. No matter how long it is, we can't claim death, right?"

The man was speechless, and it was indeed true.

"When Grandpa comes back, he will give us an explanation about the share transfer. As for what he will do then, I, as his granddaughter, will have no objection. I just want you to give me two years. Please do me a favor. "

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