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   Chapter 355 Who Is The Culprit

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"Mr. Girt, what is the legal effect of these two documents?" Lapin asked.

He knew that Nina was lying. At first, he thought that she was on his side. Then he thought that she was the bitch from Lancy. Shit! She was planning for this!

What a crazy woman! It seems that Latin and Lapin didn't like Nina at all after this.

Obviously, Latin thought more deeply.

Actually, they didn't really come up with the idea of announcing death. It was Mr. Andy. Mr. Andy had knew the whole Lan Clan for most of his life. And the grudge between Mr. Andy and Lakin was clear for Latin and Lapin.

Both of Latin and Lapin had made great contribution to their splitting up.

However, the conflicts between Mr. Andy and Lakin were getting worse day by day. On the contrary, Latin and other people got closer to Mr. Andy, and they could chat with each other happily.

It seemed that when Mr. Andy mentioned death, Latin remembered that.

He had his own plan.

Mr. Andy couldn't help Lancy to own the LAN group, because Wilson Group was behind Lancy. He would never let her be the owner of the family, which was difficult for him to manipulate!

On the contrary, Nina was low in status, low in intelligence, visions were limited, and there was no one behind her. There was no doubt that she was the most easily to be manipulated in the Lan Clan.

The news that Lankin died and the shares of the company seemed to made everyone know the secret.

They were used by others.

Muttered Latin in Lapin's ear. As Lapin raised his eyes again, he ferociously glared at Nina. How he wished he could bite her to death!

The elders in big families all had a characteristic, such as Mrs. Wilson. She had strong self-esteem and could not be used by anyone, especially a junior.

Of course, they could easily take advantage of others.

Nina even ganged up with other people to fool them!

Her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she received the glare from Nina. 'What did I do wrong? Why did they dislike me?'

However, she didn't give it much thought.

She was taken aback by what Mr. Girt was going to say.

"The legal effect is not yet certain." "The share transfer agreement is just a copy. It's legal effect and needs the original copy of the agreement," said Girt seriously. "Since it's just a copy, the signature is obscure, and several of the terms and conditions are unclear. What's more, sign the time, please! "

Frowning, Girt was at a loss for words. Normally, there was no sign on the agreement?

Since the documents hadn't been signed on time, it was impossible to determine the sequence of these two documents. Thus, no one knew which one was le

wn the original copy of the file was in her bag.

Latin's denial represented a third of the shareholders' opinion, which was very disadvantageous for her to become the president of the Lan Group.

"Uncle...." With red eyes, Nina looked at the crowd aggrievedly, "Grandpa really didn't mention the original copy to me, or perhaps he kept it somewhere safe, isn't it?"

It seemed that they could not get away with it today. Nina bit her lower lip secretly, and she had to buy some time to copy the original copy of the file into Lankin's safe secretly.

Nina looked at Lancy subconsciously, who was wearing a slight smile all the time and didn't seem to be angry.

"Lancy, don't push me, okay?" For God's sake, she pointed at Lancy and blurted out. She just couldn't stand her being so calm as if she didn't care about anything at all.

Hearing the accusation from Nina, Lancy kept silent for a few seconds and retorted lightly, " Nina, are you crazy? I didn't say a word. Why do you think I am forcing you? You are blaming uncle? Well, forget it. Just take it as I forced you. "

What a great integrity it was! It seemed that he was willing to sacrifice himself for others, generous and considerate.

It's was beyond Nina's expectation.

Nina had nothing to say. The people in the room teased Nina with an expression of "I know it", "everyone knows it".

Ah, no, two are the exception.

One was Latin, and the other was Lapin.

Although her target was nobody but Latin, everyone knew that the two brothers were stand in same shoes.

Lapin glared at Nina and said, "you're the outsider. After all, you're from a different family and you're not presentable! Just speak out what you want to say. Why are you saying it that way? Hum! "

"I didn't mean that..."

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