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   Chapter 351 Sister, Bye

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She had never expected that she would see Lancy again in such an occasion.

Who said that she needed to have a good rest to recuperate? Didn't she say that she was too frightened to see anyone? Haven't you said that she is going to be a hard nut to crack? What Mr. Andy had said still echoed in Nina's ear, he would make them live. Lancy and Lakin would live without any consciousness...

Hehe... 'You promised me that they would lie in bed for a lifetime?'

Then who is the woman in front of her? Is she a ghost?

When Nina met Lancy's eyes, there was a hint of smile in her eyes. But she felt like she was in an ice house which made her shiver.

She seemed to be different.

Restraining the abnormality in her heart, Nina watched Lancy entering the room with composure.

"Lancy" Latin slightly narrowed his eyes. How could he forget her!

Well, Lancy had been well protected by Lu Clan and never showed up in public after the accident. People would think that she die with Lakin!

Compared with Nina, who was a member of Lan Clan, Lancy was neglected.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Lancy," Lancy nodded slightly, but there was no smile in her eyes.

"Lancy, I thought you were resting in your husband's house. Why are you here?" Lapin said to Lancy.

Lancy sat on the head seat which belonged to Mr. Lakin.

Nina coveted that seat for a long time. She had to put on a show, because she wanted to get sympathy from the men sitting on the wheelchair.

While Lancy was lucky. It was the destiny, wasn't it?

You can imagine how important that position is! The moment Lancy sat down, the hall was in an uproar. Some ambitious men couldn't sit still.

Latin's face turned cold and wrinkled. Apparently, what Lancy did touched his bottom line. "Lancy, are you out of your mind? This is not your place to come and sit. "

Obviously, the latter was the key point.

She glanced at Latin and Lapin coldly. It was said that they were her elders. However, looking at their eyes which were full of ambition, she didn't think so.

With her innocent blinking eyes, Lancy replied, "Grandpa, why can't I come here? Isn't Nina here as well?"

Even though they had treated each other differently, they couldn't treat each other in such an obvious way.

"Nina is..." When Lapin opened his mouth, but he suddenly remembered something and closed his mouth.

Hearing that, Lancy's smile seemed to be brighter. She asked, "who is she? She is my grandfather's granddaughter. Am I not? From a certain point of view, I am the real granddaughter, right? "

Nina drew a deep breath. She knew that Lancy had never said something like that, let alone on such a formal occasion.

Nina just couldn't accept it. She was

had no choice but to reply reluctantly, "yes, I am. You are right. I have been married."

Lancy narrowed her eyes into slits, as if to say, "look, that's it.".

Both of them were daughter of Lan Clan. One of them was the outsider, and the other was the direct daughter of the eldest son. Now that they had been married, why were they treated differently?

Even though there was a huge difference in the treatment, it should be Nina instead of Lancy.

"You!" Lapin was too angry to say a word. Of course he understood those reasons, because he understood, that's why he treated Lancy in this way.

Don't be so angry. What if your health is affected by it?" Lancy said without any sincerity. "Don't delay the work of the company because of me! Let's continue our discussion. Oh, what did we say? "

There was a bleak look on her face. Obviously, Lancy had heard all the statements that had been made at the first meeting and didn't missed every part.

Mr. Ceng glanced at her in surprise. He didn't expect her to get to the point. But was good. "Just now, Mr. Lakin was seriously injured. Latin, Lapin and Nina want declare his death in advance."

Lancy's face completely darkened after Nina announced grandpa's death.

"Yes?" Lancy looked askance at them and said coldly, "so you agree?" Apparently, she was asking Nina.

Could Nina say no? She didn't want to lose face in public, so she had to bite the bullet and said, "Lancy, we did it for the sake of Lan Clan, for the sake of Grandpa."

Hearing that, Lancy could not help but burst into laughter. She said, "for the sake of grandfather, what do you mean? I think you do it for the sake of Lan Clan is true. "

Almost slapping the table, Lapin stood up and asked angrily, "Lancy, is that how you talk to your elder! You really don't know what to do! "

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