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   Chapter 347 How Is Grandpa

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People like Lancy and Marvin were more unusual than ordinary people. Lancy did not know why she was like this, but she also knew that if she really couldn't control it, she would lose herself.

The more Lancy thought about it, the more frightened she became. She didn't want to lose herself and become a murderous demon one day.

Lancy wasn't making a fuss out of nothing. Only those who really experienced it could understand her feelings.

Lancy was really scared.

She had lost her memory twice, which was nothing compared with this thing.

The loss of memory was just a kind of memory loss. While the feeling of killing seemed to engulf her.

Her hands were trembling, and Marvin held her hands more firmly to support her, "don't be afraid, Lancy. I'm here with you. You'll be fine. Calm down first."

Marvin wrapped his trembling wife around and patted on her back as she usually did to coax Ray and Rani.

After a long time, Lancy finally calmed down. She then realized that they were holding each other in such an intimate posture. She blushed and felt a little embarrassed.

She resisted slightly, because she really couldn't get used to being so close to a man.

Marvin naturally let her get out of his arms, but held her hand all the time. "Are you feeling better?"

Lancy nodded. She held the man's hand unconsciously and felt his cold body temperature. She had to say that it was indeed a lot of relief.

"Marvin, am I crazy?" Lancy lifted her head and stared at Marvin, her eyes full of weakness.

"Believe me. There is a second when I really want to kill your grandmother... And everyone present. " Lancy's voice was so cold that it gave people a shiver in her words. She was serious.

His big and warm hand touched her left cheek. Her face was so small and delicate. She looked so weak and fragile at that moment. Marvin was shocked by her weakness, but he could do nothing but accept the fact that his face turned into a pool of warm water, softer and softer. "Don't be nervous. There must be a reason."

Marvin comforted Lancyr. In fact, he was as nervous as Lancy.

"You've lost your memory seven years ago, so I'm sure it's not the problem." Marvin muttered as he combed through his thoughts. "The reason why you restore your memory is because grandpa's affairs are stimulated. Is that the reason why you have such thoughts"

However, Marvin didn't believe what he had said. His hand happened to touch Lancy's ear.

The man was lost in thought, his fingers tapping on her earlobe and occasionally touching her tender skin.

Lancy felt embarrassed and embarrassed. She didn't know what to do.

Marvin looked back and forth at the dagger and stroked it. His face darkened. "Do you think it's because of it, Lancy?" he asked


Hearing that, Lancy blinked and finally realized that there was a chip in her body.

It was not Lancy's fa

randfather really loved her, and shed tears for her without thinking of the memory.

"Even if one's memory will disappear, one's love will remain..." Lancy mumbled. She didn't remember who had said that. She said what she thought as she mumbled to herself.

The love of family is love, the love of parents is love, the love of lovers is love, and the love of a couple is also love.

So which kind of relationship she and Marvin belonged to?

Lancy was frightened by this idea. When their eyes met, she lowered her head suddenly.

Obviously, after hearing that, Marvin thought of the same thing as Lancy. His dark eyes were shining like stars, which almost made Lancy blind.

Boss, could you please be more reserved?

"Grandpa is not dead, but he is badly hurt. He hasn't woken up yet." Marvin wasn't going to hide anything from her. "He's still in the ICU."

Lancy's tears, like a broken pearl chain, could no longer be held back.

Sometimes people were just so strange. She had an instinct that she was not so close to that man, but she just couldn't resist his strong emotion.

Hasn't he been out of danger yet?

Lancy looked pale and bit her lips tightly.

"I'll take you to see him." Marvin proposed it. In fact, he was going to take her to see Grandpa Lakin today.

Because the doctor said that if grandpa didn't wake up tomorrow, he might...

Lancy nodded.

After she went back to her room and cleaned herself up, she stood in front of others with tears in her eyes. It seemed that she had cried.

Lancy would never show her emotions in public.

As soon as she left with Marvin, the Butler turned back and told Mr. Sidney. Sidney looked a little relaxed after calculating the time.

Compared with what Lancy did with Mrs. Wilson this morning, Mr. Sidney was more concerned that Lancy didn't go to see her grandfather the first time she woke up.

Unfilial means a lot to every elder.

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