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   Chapter 346 Rage

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But now, Mr. Sidney had such an expression, which was really beyond her expectation!

As a matter of fact, Sidney had been in a high position for many years. He never showed his emotion easily. But during his whole life, Mrs. Wilson had been studying his moods and had been paying close attention to him all the time. Even his inadvertent actions, Mrs. Wilson had thought it over and over again.

At this moment, Mrs. Wilson clearly felt the man's displeasure.

Mrs. Wilson remembered the message from Mrs. Lena's son. As expected, when Lancy was thoughtless some time ago, the company was damaged and crossed the line of Grandpa. It turned out that it was true.

After she heard this, Mrs. Wilson suddenly got quiet. She pretended to wipe away her tears and said, "Mr. Sidney, now I'm criticized by a young man. I'm so ashamed of myself. I think I'd better not go out for my family. "

"Mrs. Wilson..." Looking at Mrs. Wilson's gesture of weakness, Sidney seemed to understand her feelings.

Bowing her head, Mrs. Wilson let out a deep sigh. "I'm going back to my room."

Mrs. Lena supported Mrs. Wilson's grandma the moment she stood up.

People who didn't know her would think Mrs. Wilson was exhausted. They thought she seemed to have become older of a sudden.

Indeed, Mrs. Wilson was arrogant for most of her life. Only once was she shouted "shut up!", by her younger generation!

It seemed that she was in tears and burning off her candles.

However, only Mrs. Lena could see clearly that Mrs. Wilson was obviously complacent and joyful in her eyes!

She just pretended to be upset in front of others.

To be more exact, it was pretended to be in front of Mr. Sidney.

Mrs. Lena didn't dare to act carelessly. She looked serious, afraid that Mr. Sidney would see through her and damage the plan of Mrs. Wilson! That was why Mrs. Wilson still thought highly of Mrs. Lena in the past decades.

She always knew who was her real master; she always knew what she should do and what she should not do.

When she was back in the room, Mrs. Lena dared to breathe heavily.

However, Mrs. Wilson was teased by her action.

"Mrs. Wilson?" The old lady blushed. She had seen much of the world with Mrs. Wilson, but she was still so narrow-minded in front of her. She even blushed herself.

It was until now that Mrs. Lena's heart rate went normal that she said slowly, "madam, are you going to let Lancy go so easily today?"

In fact, Mrs. Lena was surprised that Mrs. Wilson would show weakness...

"Do you think I'm showing weakness?" Instead of getting angry, Mrs. Wilson smiled. She even lied to the closest people. Mr. Sidney would certainly see it through. "Mrs. Lena, am I the kind of person who gets bullied?"

"What do you mean, madam?"

Mrs. Wilson smiled coldly, and tried to make both of them satisfied. "Today is different from the past. What I need to do is to merge what happened to

was obviously somewhat reluctant, but after all, she was not as intimate as before.

Most importantly, they had to deal with the current situation.

Lancy had to admit that even she herself was unable to control her feelings. She wanted to share her feelings with Marvin, but maybe he was the only one who could understand her feelings subconsciously.

"I don't know. I just can't control myself." Lancy was at a loss and didn't know what to say. She must be frightened.

For people like Lancy and Marvin, the first thing they should learn was how to control themselves.

No matter what kind of person, circumstance or environment they were facing, they had to be able to control themselves freely! Both in terms of expression and mentality, their ability to control their temper had already reached the level of mutual resentment.

However, Lancy said that she couldn't control herself...

"I was just angry. But when I burst out, I somehow had the urge to kill someone..." Lancy felt her heart still fluttering with fear whenever she thought of that feeling. "The blood is boiling. I'm dying to have my hand stained with blood..."

It was not because Lancy hadn't killed people. Her hands had already been stained with blood.

However, when she saw the scene just now, she felt that her sanity was out of control and everything was out of control. Lancy felt her brain was full of the impulse to kill someone. Was she really going crazy?

Even a cold-blooded killer, there were reasons for his killing.

In order to survive, to complete tasks, and even to gain money and to get woman's love... There must be reasons behind.

Killing without any reason was to enjoy the pleasure of killing. That was not a killer, but a freak!

At that moment, Lancy clearly felt that there was an abnormal sense and impulse in her body. What made her more annoyed was that she almost couldn't suppress it. This was the thing she taboo and fear.

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