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   Chapter 345 Shut Up

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Her grandson, Marvin, kept talking about Lancy's care and health, and closed off the Central Lake house. He did not allow anyone to go in and out.

Well, it was true that Marvin was the master of Lu Clan, but it didn't mean that he could really do whatever he wanted!

Mrs. Wilson looked at Lancy up and down carefully, then she curled her lips. The implication in her words was that it seemed no problem to look at Lancy now, wasn't it?

"Marvin, it's your fault. How could you let Lancy, who had been saved, go out with unknown men? How can you be a husband? "

If it had been in the past, Mrs. Wilson wouldn't have made things difficult for Marvin in front of Sidney. But now, from Sidney's silent attitude, she knew what he meant.

'I never thought that I could read his mind.' Mrs. Wilson thought happily.

Lancy glanced at Marvin indifferently. His home was more complicated than his simple and to the point! Through the conversation he had last night to add on his files, Lancy had a general understanding of her character and style of doing things, which were almost the same as her conjecture.

To be honest, Lancy couldn't believe it. Would she?

However, what Lancy did not know was that from the beginning to the end, Marvin was always the key event statement. At that time, what kind of important events she was involved in, such as innocence, wickedness and stupidity? Otherwise, her mood would be far more complicated and complicated than what it was now.

All these didn't matter anymore.

If she suddenly changed her personality, it would only arouse more people's suspicion. Lancy knew what Marvin meant. Since she had chosen to stay in Lu Clan, she had to put something on her mind.

For example, when she faced such a question at present.

Hearing this, Lancy tilted her head slightly. With her big black and white eyes, Lancy looked at Mrs. Wilson with confusion for a long time without speaking.

That was her nature before... But now, she seemed to be a little different from before.

For example, she was staring at Mrs. Wilson.

A cold air rose from the soles of Mrs. Wilson's feet and sent a shiver down her spine! 'Is it cold now? Or does she get up too early? Why am I feeling so cold now? '?

"Lancy, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Grandma, I was just thinking... What does it have to do with staying at home?" With an innocent and innocent look, Lancy pretended to be confused. She glanced at Marvin and asked, "Marvin... What if there is conflict between this two? "

Upon hearing her words, Marvin couldn't help but tighten his grip on the quilt. He looked at her affectionately as if she looked the same as before. But only he knew that she was faking it this time.


"Of course it's okay. The patient needs rest and needs to go out for relaxation." With a determined look, Marvin stood by the side of Lancy.

His words made Mr. Sidney frown a bit.

"Haha, really? I don't even know whether your grandfathe

ng! Well, is this a complaint, ah, a complaint?

He said it so bluntly, and said it in front of her, his grandmother. Was that really good?

Mrs. Wilson became speechless again after she was choked by Lancy. The color on her face was the same as that of pig liver, and was the fresh one.

"…… "Marvin, after all, she is your grandmother." Said Sidney, looking at his grandson with serious eyes. It was okay not to mention what Mrs. Wilson had done wrong, but as a junior, Lancy was way out of line!

As the saying goes, it's the father's duty that children do something wrong

No matter how wrong Mrs. Wilson had done, Lancy couldn't offend her directly. More seriously, she was unfilial!

Mrs. Wilson didn't like Lancy just now, let alone Mr. Sidney. If Lancy could talk back on the table today, then she could overturn the table tomorrow. If she did that again, the whole world would be turned upside down!

"I'll try to talk Lancy out of it."

As soon as Marvin said that, he took the opportunity to go out. After he got out of Mr. Sidney's sight, he obviously quickened his pace.

What kind of advice? It was just some small words! He just took them up heavily and put them down gently. Obviously, Lancy looked down upon her grandmother!

But as for other people, they had to pretend in surface, even though they loved their wife very much.

However, it was not at all convincing for Marvin to say "I will talk to her" in the tone of "talk today's weather"!

It could be seen that Marvin totally ignored his grandma.

Though pissed off, Mrs. Wilson couldn't remember when she had already seen Marvin as her own grandson?

When she was boiling with rage, Mrs. Wilson glanced at Mrs. Wilson unintentionally and found that Mrs. Wilson looked worse than her! Her heart skipped a beat...

Sidney had always been one of those who spoiled Lancy.

In the past, Mrs. Wilson was often defeated by Lancy many times. And the reason was that Mr. Sidney always protected Lancy!

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