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   Chapter 343 Sorry, I Used To It

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When they confirmed that Lancy was pregnant, all the negative side effects erupted.

No one is money. Everyone not loves you! Those organizations were not virtuous in any way. Lots of people hated Lancy.

In that case, it would undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to defeat her.

It was hard to decipher what was going on in Glen's mind. It seemed that his leaders had come to a conclusion that Lancy had an affair with that man and that she had betrayed her organization...

In the end, it turned out that Lancy became the target of the organization.

At that time, Leona was still on a mission. When she came back, everything was settled. She had no choice but to accept the betrayal of Lancy and the death of Roxie.

Then the following seven years, during which Leona also found Lancy.

Hearing their conversation, Lancy could not describe her current mood. She was not sure about the current situation, but she knew that. Yan was Marvin.

When she really heard from a person closest to her that she had betrayed her organization and been pregnant with that man's child, it sounded more like other people's story, but she had a hint of familiarity.

"By the time we found you, you had married to Marvin. You had a normal life." Leona concluded.

Hearing that, Lancy touched her chin. After thinking over and over again, she said, "sure enough, Marvin is the key to breaking through."

"Leona, don't you feel that the whole thing is strange?" Hearing that, Lancy squinted slightly and leaned against the seat on the front passenger seat. "Why, the leader believes that the baby in my belly belongs to that person?"

This didn't make sense. How could she do a DNA test before the baby was one month old? Even if they could, do they have the DNA sample of Marvin?

Lancy didn't have that memory and she didn't think much. Not being in a trap, of course she could sense the difference immediately.

She was highly valued in her organization and the higher authorities would not doubt or punish her easily.

Unless they had clear evidence... The problem was, what kind of evidence could make those in power abandon her so easily?

It was not easy to cultivate a person, especially a top talent in S Group. They couldn't kill or destroy people as they liked!

There must be something wrong.

At the same time, Leona and Glen exchanged glances and noticed the surprise in each other's eyes.

Now, both of them heard Lancy's explanation and found something unusual. Neither of them had ever thought about the problem. The point was always on Lancy, but they really did not expect that...

To be honest, it was more than that.

"Leona, do you remember the task we took?" Lancy hesitated for a while and said, "the four of us have always been on missions together, especially during that period, we were almost never separated. But that ti


As a matter of fact, the mental activity was like this, shit, do you think you can bewitch me with this charming face? Wake up! I won't be deceived.

To be honest, Marvin was too calm. After a series of actions, he stopped. He looked at Lancy with his dark eyes and said lightly, "sorry, I'm used to it."

Used to it... What the hell is it?

"…… Hehe. " Lancy was still wearing a numb face and didn't want to reply.

The so-called habit is to live with her husband and wife, as well as to be together for a long time. These actions are just normal.

Not knowing why, Lancy touched her face. She felt that Marvin was implying something, which seemed that he was saying, you have done the most intimate thing with me. Why do you still care about this?

Lancy gave out an air of gloom. When she woke up, the world should be more unreasonable!

Who would experience the feeling of a virgin waking up and becoming a housewife?

Yes, Lancy is very pure in front of boss! Although, in that kind of organization, they had learned how to seduce men, but they had never done it.

To put it bluntly, she was a virgin.

Compared with carrying out tasks with beauty, she preferred to use violence to suppress violence, of course, it was violence.

In this way, Lancy was evolved to a violent maniac in the course of completing the task...

That was the reason why her first reaction was to make a move when she woke up, both at the military factory and at the Lu Clan.

Lancy preferred hand to hand combat than bullets.

"Whoop, whoop, something bad seemed to have been exposed.

After Marvin changed into his home wear, the girl sat on the couch with a cold face. She frowned as if she was thinking about something important in her life.

Was Marvin really innocent?

It was obvious that he did it on purpose! Of course Marvin knew what he was doing and what was bothering Lancy at the moment.

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