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   Chapter 342 The Tomb Of Roxie

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Leona led the way.

Lancy did not ask where the destination was, whether it was abroad or at home. Everything seemed to be decided by Leona.

After such a long journey, both of them were depressed. Most of the time, they would not talk to each other.

They just talked about the situation of Lancy and the fact Leona knew!

By then, Lancy came to realize that she had married Marvin and had two children... Nobody mentioned anything related to the organization, including the attempt to chase and kill for seven years.

Even so, it was too much information for Lancy.

At least, it was too much information about her and Marvin.

Their destination was B city.

"This is hometown of Roxie." Lancy murmured, looking out of the window at the changing scenery, the three of them were driving in a wrong direction, and they came to the cemetery.

Leona frowned as she hadn't expected that Lancy still remembered that.

When they were young, everyone thought that they were orphans without parents, but later, they grew up and had more friends. As a result, they knew that not everyone was like this.

Some were abducted and sold, some were sold out by their parents, and some lost by themselves.

Some of them couldn't remember what had happened in their childhood at all, while some could still remember what had happened. For example, Roxie, she always remembered her hometown, and when she was powerful enough, she wouldn't give up investigating her background, trying to find her parents.

Lancy, who had no memory at all, seemed to grow up in her organization.

As for Leona, she had never said whether she remembered them or not. The only certain thing was that she did not want to look for her parents at all.

Back then, they were quite close. It was not strange that they knew Roxie's hometown.

"Here it is."

They turned several corners and finally arrived at the destination.

When Lancy looked at the familiar name and photo on the tombstone, she felt it a little real!

The black hat almost covered two-thirds of her face, making people unable to see her tears.

Her slender hand seemed to touch the girl's face and her fingers were trembling.

"Roxie, it's really you..." Lancy was half kneeling in front of the tombstone. Finally, she could not bear it any longer. "What happened? Roxie, tell me. Why did everything go wrong?"

Lancy beat her own head very hard and said, "why can't I remember her clearly since I have regained my memory?"

Leona turned her head away, unwilling to look at the crazy Lancy.

"Calm down."

Whispered Glen, a hint of pity flashing across his eyes.

Along the way, Glen was like an invisible person. He saw that Lancy pretended to be calm and pretended to be strong. He saw that Leona had much to say to Lancy but kept a distance from her indifferently.

When she was in front of Roxie's grave, she finally had a nervous breakdown.

Tears can't be hid, and pain can't

on in S Group.

"…… Lancy, don't think too much. " Leona said with a straight face and a twitch of her mouth.

"…… Hehe. " The corners of Alvin's mouth twitched.

With an expression of unwillingness to talk more, haze shrugged and had to shut up obediently.

Well, ADA felt embarrassed, but she had to pretend that nothing had happened.

Clenching her fists, she looked ahead with a knowing expression on her face.

"…… Well. " Glen and Leona sneered again. What did this silent situation mean? Why didn't they just say something?

Leona could not help but roll her eyes. At the same time, Glen had no choice but to glare at Lancy.

Did she really forget that thing?

There was always a faint smile on Glen's face. He knew that Lancy misunderstood him, but he just followed her anyway.

"Leona, could you tell me how I left the organization in the past?" Lancy asked.

In fact, the whole S Group knew about it. However, the difference was that Leona did not know it until it was over.

It seemed that one day, there was a rumor in the organization that Lancy and the enemy were united. Then it became a big news. The whole thing got much more and more attention from the leaders. Later they sent people to investigate it.

Unfortunately, Lancy was pregnant at that time.

This undoubtedly proved the credibility of the rumor. Things were getting more and more serious and could no longer keep calm.

Thinking back when Lancy had fought the rival --Yan several times, she had succeeded to set him up, which had never happened before.

Yan was always a threat to S Group. No one had ever defeated him or taken advantage of him before.

Why did Lancy become the exception?

In the beginning, everyone thought that Lancy had means and plots, worthy of being the first killer.

When the rumors came around, everything seemed different. Was it because of the illicit relationship between she and Yan that Lancy escaped from that man's hand?

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