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   Chapter 339 Which Is More Important

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"They have been hunting you down for six years." Marvin frowned. "What exactly happened six years ago? I haven't found it out. When I met you again with Ray and Rani... Then we be together. "

Lancy walked back and forth in front of Marvin and examined his face carefully. It seemed that he wasn't lying. What's more, even if there is a thousandth chance, what he said is true, then the danger she dares to go back is too great.

But, how could it be? Why did the organization give her the hunting order? They had been chasing her for six years? Lancy had to attach great importance to this issue. It was clear that this was a extermination of the traitors.

Traitor... Was it her?

Lancy unconsciously bit her finger. She was weigh the pros and cons, thinking. Everything was twisting into a numb bunch, and there was no way for Lancy to strike.

"Why should I believe you?" When Lancy realized that she was a traitor being hunted, Lancy was able to question so calmly, which was impossible for ordinary people.

Marvin bit his cigarette but didn't light it. He just kept biting it.

"Why do you think there is something wrong with your memory?" "And why did you leave the organization six years ago and why did they chase you?"

It was the thing that Marvin couldn't find out until now.

Hearing what he said, Lancy gazed at Marvin blankly. She didn't know how to refute him.

After a long silence, Marvin spoke first, "Leona, she's in Alaska."

"Leon?" Lancy's eyes lit up, "I want to see her!"

Marvin pursed his lips and looked at her.

Lancy hesitated for a moment. She bit her lips and said, "I promise you that I won't leave until I see Leona."

This was her promise.

Perhaps, she would not know what she should do next until Leon came.

Marvin nodded. It seemed that tens of thousands of years had passed. "I believe you."

Hearing that, Lancy's bright eyes blinked. She pouted but said nothing in the end. Compared to having faith in her, Lancy preferred that Marvin said something like "I know you dare not".

On the contrary, she felt empty in her heart, as she punched in cotton instead.

Lancy turned around uneasily and went back to her room, reluctant to face Marvin.

It seemed that Marvin had already seen through that door. He smiled, relieved and accepted! At the same time, Marvin was glad that Leona was not killed that time.

Otherwise, it must be impossible for them to be together again?

After she woke up, Marvin clearly knew that she no longer trusted him... Compared with Leona.

After Lancy woke up, the whole Lu mansion seemed to have returned to life.

Some things that should be put on the agenda.

The cooperation with Glen, for example, was always kept in mind by Sidney.

There had a lot of things to deal with recently, but it didn't mean that Mr. Sidney couldn't pay attention to them. Day b

andle, and then left without hesitation.

Mr. Sidney should know that his grandson was born with his own ideas and would never be influenced by others! But now, he seemed to be fascinated by something...

Wilson Group, never let go of, for the rest of their lives.

After Marvin left, Mrs. Wilson came out from the corner of the study. She had heard it clearly. What Mr. Sidney meant was that Marvin had screwed up the cooperation for Lancy?


"Mrs. Lena, ask your son to find out what's going on."

A smile rested on her lips. Did Mr. Sidney get angry because of this? She seemed to have finally been waiting for the opportunity, and a breakthrough!

Mrs. Lena nodded. She could tell something from Mrs. Wilson's countenance.

"Remember to ask secretly and do not let anyone notice it." Her sixth sense told her that this was a rare opportunity.

Soon later, Mrs. Wilson got the news about the cooperation. She couldn't help laughing.

She had waited for this day for so many years, and now Lancy was the fuse?

Mrs. Wilson thought she had a good understanding of Sidney's character, so she quickly figured it out. Yes, it was true that parents always hoped that their children to be happy and peaceful. As the saying went, "one gets married and settle down in one's own family". It was not until he had successfully become a family that he could settle down and lead a peaceful life!

However, she had never heard of any parent's meeting that wanted their successor to be in love with a beautiful woman instead of power. Today, Marvin was willing to give up the cooperation over one hundred million dollars for Lancy, tomorrow he would be able to hand over the Wilson Group to her. Maybe the day after tomorrow, he would go with her to die for love...

In Mr. Sidney's eyes, it was not difficult to imagine how serious the matter was.

'something is going to change.' Mrs. Wilson mused!

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