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   Chapter 338 A Dead End

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Why would she feel heartbroken when she denied it?

Marvin clenched his fist. He was full of anger. He shouted to in heart. But there was one thing for sure, it was not about Lancy.

"Ray and Rani are our sons and daughter. They are seven years old now."

Marvin stood there motionlessly, stating the truth. However, judging from his tone and the changes in his eyes, it was clear that he was far from being as calm as he looked.

"…… Seven years old? Our... Babies? " Lancy finally realized what Marvin meant and got the point! "What time is it now."

Hearing what Marvin said, Lancy was dumbstruck.

She just sat on the bed blankly. It had been seven years since she woke up. Nobody could accept such a thing?

Anyway, Lancy could not accept it.

Yes, it was clear now that things had developed to this point. Lancy remembered how she had grown up in an organization seven years ago, how she had received training, and even how many people had been killed during the mission.

However, the time was fixed. At the last round of fighting with Marvin.

After that, everything was gone. For example, after they had fought against each other in that mission, they had thought that they didn't know each other anymore, but they had sex by accident.

It was exactly because of that night that Lancy was pregnant, that she had been detached from group.

So, Lancy's disbelief is actually foreseeable. If there hadn't been those events in the past, she had never thought of quitting her organization, and she hadn't had the ability to do that, and she hadn't been able to live well till now.

"Why should I believe you?"

It seemed a century had passed. Lancy raised her head and stared at Marvin coldly. She didn't believe what he said!

Lancy was like a little animal who was ready to fight and was about to explode at any time.

She was as cold as Marvin.

With his lips pressed together, Marvin put the phone in her hand and pointed to the items in the room. "Have a look."

Then he went out.

Both of them were shocked by what happened just now, and both of them needed some time to calm down.

Marvin then left, having a feeling of fleeing.

It was completely quiet in the room. Sitting there silently, Lancy was thinking about what Marvin said and what had happened to her.

However, Lancy had lost all her memories. Even if she tried so hard, she still couldn't remember anything.

Being upset, she began to look around.

Hearing that, Lancy was shocked and jumped up from the bed. She coughed and kept alert. She was really bounced up! She didn't notice that there was a big wedding photo hanging on the wall beside the bed. It was Marvin and her?

Hearing that, Lancy's heart stopped beating for several times. As a result, her whole body became pale, and her eyeballs almost fell to the ground. Her eyes, nose, mouth, and her silly smile...

Lancy couldn't believe it was her in the photo!

She didn't give up looking in the mirror and compared herself to the person in the wed

she raised her eyes again, she had been completely calm.

Reason, finally overcome the so-called emotional changes.

This was the real Lancy.

"…… You want to leave? " Marvin understood what she meant and predicted what she was going to do.

Who would have thought that in less than half a month, the two people who slept together in the same bed would become today's situation?

"So what?" Lancy asked back. Neither did she admit nor deny. Of course she had to leave here. Here was the territory of Marvin. What could she find?

Perhaps, it was just like the room they were in. All the decorations and breaths inside the room made Lancy unable to think about anything.

Marvin clenched his fist and buried his voice, "do you want go back to S Group?"

Without these seven years of memory, in Marvin's view, the problem is not only him and her, but also will have too many and too many influences.

For example, she wanted go back to S Group.

In Lancy's eyes, she grew up in the apology. There was no family, no family! She had no idea where to go except there. More importantly, her friends were still there.

They had grown up together in the organization. Although they were not related by blood, they were even closer than blood sisters.

Of course, they were sisters.

Not everyone in S Group is always acting like that. In other's opinion, they are competing with each other. They even have the guts to destroy each other. There were three real best friends.

They are only person that Lancy trusted and she didn't know what had happened to her until now.

"if you go back to S Group, you have no choice but to die." Marvin stared at her with a gloomy face. But there was a hint of worry in the depths of the pool.

If it weren't for Marvin who had been threatening her, who had killed her for six or seven years, how could they have any hope?

"No way?"

Hearing that, Lancy turned her face to one side. With a glimmer of doubt in her watery eyes, she asked, "what do you mean?"

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