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   Chapter 336 Wake Up

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"If it wasn't you, she wouldn't do this... You don't deserve her! You don't deserve her! "

Finally, Myron spoke his mind.

Freda slapped hard on his face.

She was so angry that she trembled all over. Her sister-in-law was still lying on the bed, relying on infusion to keep her life. While Myron complained about Mavin in front of her!

There were some things that no one wanted to happen. But Freda couldn't understand why Myron put all the blame on Mavin. It was unfair to him!

'what did he say? How could he say that Marvin doesn't deserve Lancy? What was his unspoken words? Who deserved her? Him?

Freda felt depressed with Myron. How could he be so selfish? How could this be?

Myron turned his face to the other side and stared at Freda, his favorite sister. But the latter still complained him with a look of disagreement.

"Do you still believe him?" He could hardly breathe under the pressure of the giant stone in his heart.

Myron was referring to the murder of his brother.

These were the knot in his heart, which lead to a kind of resentment and even hatred!

Hearing this, Freda was stunned. She stood up and stared at Myron. She asked seriously, "I don't care what happened on Marvin. I just know that we are siblings and we have the same blood in the world! Ask yourself, is that really the reason why you are so hard on Marvin? Don't you have any selfish motive? "

"Lancy is always your sister-in-law. Don't you understand?"

Freda was too honest that she didn't notice that Marvin was there! She was fed up with Myron's being unreasonable and reproachful to Marvin! She was really afraid that if one day her elder brother could not bear it, they would really hurt each other as brothers.

"…… I am just telling the truth. " Looking at Myron who was lying on the bed, Lancy's heart ached. He was really afraid that she would never wake up.

Looking at him, who would believe that he had no ulterior motives?

"Is that enough?" Marvin stared at Myron coldly with a tinge of tiredness between his eyes. "If you have said enough, you can leave now."



The two replied in unison. Freda was begging and Myron was embarrassed.

"If you still take me as your brother, just go out. Lancy needs to be quiet." Obviously, he was talking to Myron. "It doesn't matter if you don't take me as your brother. Please go out. This is our bedroom."

Upon hearing this, Myron's face turned pale. Under Marvin's cold gaze, he felt a little ashamed!

No, absolutely, it was Marvin who did the wrong thing!

"What else do you want to say? Do you think a man like me is not qualified to get married? It's a pity that I have already married with Lancy. " Marvin smirked.

"Marvin, he.

had been taking care of Lancy since she came back from the hospital.

Doctor Li stretched out his hand to feel her pulse, but before he touched her, his wrist was grabbed by Lancy.

Doctor Li was so painful that his face contorted with pain. He stifled a smile and said, "Mrs. Lancy, please let me go. I am just feeling your pulse!"

No one expected that Lancy would make such a response.

Freda just thought Lancy was so alerted because her experience before. "Lancy, you are safe at home now. No one will hurt you again. Let the doctor take a look, okay?"

People were relieved when they heard what Freda said. Apparently, they remembered how broken she was when they found her.

It seemed that only Marvin found out something.

At the same time, Lancy gradually came to herself. She looked straight into his eyes!

They stared at each other from afar as if they were deeply in love after a disaster, but there seemed to be something hidden in them.

Nobody noticed that when Marvin was speaking, Lancy almost moved with it. But in the end, she restrained herself.

When she thought of the enemy's large number of people, she decided not to make a move rashly. But she had suffered a lot from her small movements of gripping the quilt.

She was ready to launch an attack if something was wrong!

It seemed that there was hostility, but only Marvin had sensed it.

Everyone thought that Lancy was suffering from trauma, so they did not take it seriously.

And the guess was confirmed by the doctor's words!

On the one hand, Lancy kept an eye on Marvin. On the other hand, she had a splitting headache. The people around her were whispering to each other, but she didn't hear a word. The only thought in her mind was that if it was really Marvin who brought her here? What the hell did he want to do?

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