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   Chapter 334 All Of You Would Die

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"Grandpa... Grandpa... " Lancy hated herself for not being able to stop the accident, and more for those who had hurt her grandfather. She watched her grandfather being forced into building. Lancy clenched her fists so tightly that she didn't even feel the pain.

Everything is ready. Jean has already seen the result.

She smiled proudly and spoke in a voice that both of them could hear, "it is said that your ancestors and grandson are on equal terms! Well, Lancy, I give you a choice! You or your grandfather? "

"As long as you make a choice, I will spare the life of another person. What do you think?" Who should die for whom? He would rather sacrifice himself to make other survive. It was a stupid choice!

She would like to see if Lancy was really silly or she just pretended to be!

Lakin widened his eyes in disbelief. He just realized that this woman did not come for him.

Lancy had already been in anger, her dark eyes staring at Jean, as if trying to imprint this woman's face in her soul.

"Why are you staring at me? Choose, you or your grandfather? Don't you two have a good relationship? Now it's time to test you. Mr. Lakin, aren't you curious about Landy's choice? What would Lancy choose? Will you die without any hesitation? "

At this juncture, Jean still wanted to sow dissension, but would Mr. Lakin be deceived?

But Lakin didn't say anything. He just ironically stared at Jean in front of him. Her means were far from enough!

Jean guessed correctly one thing, Lancy's grandfather was not afraid of death. He would rather her daughter choose him to die!

However, Lancy's choice was doomed to let them down.

"Let my grandpa go." Lancy's voice was especially cold. When Jean came out, she had made a choice in her heart.

Because no matter whether Lancy would choose the former or the latter, she was going to die.

All of a sudden, Lancy realized that this woman wanted to kill her...

Nina was right! It was all her fault! If it was not because of her, Nina wouldn't treat his grandpa like that, and he wouldn't have been kidnapped. if it wasn't for her, her grandpa wouldn't have been in danger now, because Jean wanted her life alone from beginning to end.

For some reason, Lancy believed so, and she was pretty sure of it.

"Will you let my grandfather go if I die?" Lancy's voice had never been so cold and clear. She could hardly tell what she was saying now?

"Of course, this is a single choice, not an extra one." Jean came at Lancy in satisfaction, "I promise, your grandpa will be safe and sound."


"Lancy!" Mr. Lakin had never thought that his granddaughter would die in front of him without doing anything. "Lancy, don't say that. Think about my grandson in law. Think about Ray and Rani. Let Grandpa die! I can watch you live, and I c

ven had no time to even have the last emotional activity. Poor Jean, there was only a step away from success!

If she had known that she was here, she would have killed Lancy without a word!

That is to say, the rebels usually die at the end of their lives because they are too talkative.

It was a pity that Jean had no chance to know.

Jean died, but Lancy didn't mean to stop! She aimed at Glen and Leona. She remembered that the woman had asked them to help her.

Yes, Lancy had lost her mind.

"Lancy, I'm Leona. Calm down..." Looking at Lancy like this, Leona had mixed feelings. She did not know whether she was happy or what. She had been the shadow that haunted her for six years, but she seemed to be crazy.

However, even if the person standing in front of her was Leona or Marvin, Lancy might not recognize her and even stop.

Now she only knew that her only grandfather was forced to death by them!

So, all of these people must die!

Hearing that, Lancy's eyes turned dark. Without saying a word, she attacked Leona.

Leona was shocked and reflexively fought back. To her surprise, the two men started to fight.

Glen soon joined in the competition, not because he wanted to avenge for Jean, but because he had already said that they never cared about Jean's life and death! But they were pressed for time. It was tough for Lancy to get through that. They had to make her calm down!

How strong was the power of hatred?

Taking a look at Lancy, she found that she was obviously exhausted. She fought against Glen with hatred and the strength of losing grandfather!

She had gone all out to torture and torture him, leaving no mercy for any of them! At this moment, Glen and Leona had to fight with each other wholeheartedly, but they gradually felt hard to do so. "Leona, you can't do this anymore. You attract her attention," Glen said.

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