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   Chapter 333 Knees Down To beg Me

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9478

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He knew that his master had started his action! Now if they let Leona go, they could ensure the safety of Mrs. Lancy and get close to the rope.

Leona breathed a sigh of relief, with an expression of "if I knew it would happen" on her face, and soon disappeared in the darkness.

If Leona had known that Luke would follow her, she couldn't worry too much at the moment. She had to hurry up and drive as fast as she could. As for the tail, she could only shake off as much as it could within a limited period of time.

All the people headed for the same destination. At this time, as the center of the accident, Lancy knew nothing about it! Now she was in no mood to think about anything else.

It was only because of Jean.

Looking at Jean's eyes, she felt like a fish on a cutting board waiting to be slaughtered, and what she said inexplicably made Lancy uneasy!

Jean wore three inch high heels and hovered between Lancy and Lakin. She didn't move for a long time, as if she was calculating something and worrying about something.

After a long time, Jean squatted down, pushed away Lancy's scattered hair, and showed her usual face: "Lancy, don't you remember anything happened six years ago? Really?"

After all, Jean still felt guilty.

She was still afraid of Lancy six years ago, and she was also afraid that Lancy was playing pig and eating tiger, and finally put herself in danger! She wanted to have a try...

Jean touched her chin, and her eyes turned, falling on Lakin! It was very easy to prove whether Lancy had lost her memory or not... This move could still vent his anger!

"What are you talking about? I don't understand." Lancy made an excuse.

"You don't understand..." Jean sighed and walked up to Mr. Lakin. An old man who was not able to move at all was unqualified to be squeezed by her! In the blink of an eye, the dazzling dagger was placed around Mr. Lakin's neck. "So, do you understand?"

With her eyes wide open, Lancy struggled and shouted, "Jean! What are you doing! The equity you want has been signed by grandpa. You said that you would not hurt grandpa again! "

Hearing that, Jean breathed a sigh of relief. Lancy seemed not to be telling a lie? "Haha, are you stupid or naive? It was Mr. Andy and your good sister, Nina who promised. But I didn't! Besides, I don't have any business to do with Lan Group. "

She meant that she didn't care about Lan Group at all.

This meant that both Andy and Nina were satisfied, but she didn't.

"Shame on you! You're a liar! " Lancy stared at the dagger in her hand. Jean was not stupid. He just made several gestures on purpose and soon left two shallow scars on Mr. Lakin neck.

Now she could talk Lancy that she could kill her grandpa.

Jean just wanted to prove to Lancy by real action that she meant what she s

ean said, loosening the tie for Lakin. His whole body was numb. What else would he feel? Jean viciously thought, 'if only Lakin could be so painful in front of Lancy!'

Seeing Lakin staring at her like seeing an enemy, Jean shrugged her shoulders. An old man like him would never be her opponent, let alone him half dead.

In fact, as soon as he loosened the rope, Mr. Lakin was going to attack, but Jean took him almost no effort!

Jean did nothing. Jean pinched his hand, which was badly hurt, and used force. Jean's eyes turned, released Mr. Lakin, took out a pistol, and pointed at Lancy.

"You!" Mr. Lakin was free now, but he would rather lose everything!

He was trembling with extreme fear.

"Old man, go upstairs."

Jean ordered. She was referring to the second floor of the factory.

They were clear about the factory's structure. The deck of the factory was mounted after, which was the most concise one. More importantly, the first floor and the second floor were not the same as the building where they stayed in.

Jean used a gun against Lancy, and Lakin dared not disobey her order.

When he came up and stood by the side of the sword, he finally heard Jean's voice calling to stop.

Mr. Lakin's legs, fingers and fingers were trembling. He was not afraid of death. With a bitter smile, he knew that was his heart attack!

He was forced to be like this by these people.

Mr. Lakin thought a lot and smiled with relief! Andy didn't want to let him go! 'I don't care. It's enough for me to live like this for these years.

As long as she can live well, as long as she can live well...'

With red eyes, Lakin allowed his heart to beat at an unusual speed. He was already prepared to die.

However, Mr. Lakin mistakenly estimated one thing, Jean was not under the leadership of Andy, and her goal was not him, but his beloved granddaughter.

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