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   Chapter 331 The Man Higher Up

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In fact, they had been secretly watching it from the beginning. Like Nina, there was another woman who had the same personality. Seeing how suffering Lancy was, there was a world of drama in her mind.

After a long time, when Lancy was dizzy, she seemed to see something, but also seemed to see nothing! The scene she saw when she fell into the water for the first time seemed to be clearer than before. She faintly felt that the boss in the picture was a little younger than now.

But Leona... The weirdest thing was Leona. Why did she behave so intimately with Leona as if they were good sisters?

What the hell was going on?

Lancy was lost in thought. When she was thinking, she was woken up by a basin of cold water, and she was wide awake.

It was said that patients liked to sleep the most, because only when they fell asleep would they not feel the pain on their bodies. The cold water brought Lancy back to reality cruelly.

She jerked suddenly and regained her consciousness.

The man in front of her was no longer Nina or Mr. Andy. It was another person she knew.

Lancy called out his name with difficulty, "Jean... Why... Why are you here? "

She must be dreaming? 'why is it Jean? Why is she here?' Jean has been well behaved and doesn't know where she is now, right?

Lancy struggled to open her eyes. All her thoughts were written on her face, she could not cheat people at all.

That was, Jean.

In the past six or seven years, Jean had dreamed of this day for countless days and nights! Excitement and expectation had nothing to do with personal grudges.

Jean wanted to get Marvin, but she wanted more power! And the opportunity was right in front of her.

Jean squatted down and looked at Lancy with a faint smile, "what? Are you surprised?"

How could Lancy not be surprised? She had thought that the woman had disappeared from her and boss' life and would frighten anyone who came out of nowhere.

However, in such a weak state, Lancy was only surprised.

Mr. Lakin had never seen Jean before, so he didn't know who she was! But she seemed to have some malicious intention. After Nina and Andy, how could Lancy be bothered! Mr. Lakin felt so depressed that his heart beat faster.

"You want to ask me why I am here?" Jean patted her cheek, seeing that Lancy was not even willing to speak. It seemed that Lancy was trying to prove something. "I came here to clean up the mess and do the right thing with money."

It turned out that the two ladies were hired by Nina and Andy?

Despair was written all over his face. Mr. Lakin hated himself for dragging down his granddaughter.

"You, don't hurt her..." Mr. Lakin said weakly. No one noticed his unusual condition. "Just come at me if you have anything to do with it. Lancy, she is innocent."

Innocent? Jean's cold smile was about to emerge. 'maybe someone is innocent!'! 'what a poor old man! Maybe he won't understand until he dies.'

Oh, you mean Mr. Andy would not kill Mr. Lakin?

Huh, do you think Jean cares about it?

As the saying goes, "the enemy stalks after the enemy"! The

n, Marvin couldn't act as if he was facing a formidable enemy. He needed to keep calm at this moment. Only in this way could his opponent not know the bottom of the matter.

His hidden identity would be his trump card. "Mr. Glen, we have something urgent to deal with. As you said, we have time to cooperate, right?"

'there's plenty of time. But Glen said earlier that I can't defeat him.'.

Surprised, Glen gave a wide smile. However, there was no smile in his eyes at all! As a veteran, he knew clearly how hard to deal with Marvin.

"So, why don't we do it today?" Glen narrowed his eyes into slits. No matter what, he wouldn't give in.

The two men laughed and fought in secret. Only they knew what they were arguing about!

Seeing that Marvin was still walking out, Glen said ghastly, "Mr. Marvin, there are some things that you can't do in the future, but they are just bygones. You don't have so many chances every day."

I'm talking about the cooperation between the two groups. But it seems that it's not the only thing that they're talking about. It's also a very complicated matter.


The cooperation with Glen was very important to both Wilson Group and Lu Clan, but that didn't mean that it was also important to Marvin.

At least the cooperation was not as important as the safety of Lancy.

"Since that's the case..." Marvin stared coldly at Glen, his eyes gleaming with danger. Without this so-called cooperation, Wilson Group couldn't go bankrupt!

Besides, now that Marvin had known the true identity of Glen, even he was eager to cooperate with Glen. Thus, he wouldn't accept the invitation so easily. Who knew if he had been tricked again?

People like them had all kinds of identities in order to complete the tasks. The big boss of business circle, the king of oil, and his family business scared people to death!

However, no matter how much they were, the fact could not be changed. They were all fake! After completing the mission, everything would pass like smoke, and even a scum would not be left behind.

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