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   Chapter 330 Who Is Going To Deal With The Aftermath

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9008

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Lancy felt like she was dying.

In a trance, she seemed to see Marvin and two children. She seemed to see Leona and another two people who she didn't know but felt quite familiar.

'I've never seen them before. How could I know them? 'She thought.

Lancy's face turned pale. She finally lost her consciousness.

When she came back to consciousness, she seemed to see her grandfather

It turned out that at the critical moment, Nina had asked someone to pull her up.

This time, she lost half of her lives.

Lancy lay there lifelessly like a half rag doll. She was wet all over. It took a long time for her to recover from the pain. Then there was a constant cough. Her face turned red.

Tears welled up in Lakin's eyes. How he wished he could suffer this for his granddaughter! "Lancy, it's my fault. It's my fault!"

It was all his fault. Lancy had suffered too much. There was no need to torture her anymore!

"You have tried once. How did you feel?" Nina had never been so happy. That was what she felt now.

Whether it was Lancy who was half dead, or her grandpa who was totally defeated, Nina was very happy. She finally trampled them under her feet.

"Old man, do you like the play?" Nina putting on a malicious smile, she said, "Can you promise me to transfer your shares to the agreement? If you still need some time to think, that's okay, Scott! "

Holding the chain in his hand, Scott threw Lancy into the air again.

All of a sudden, Lakin shouted, "I'll sign! I'll sign!"

Hearing that Lancy fell into the water again, Nina wore a triumphant smile.

Sure enough, the method of Mr. Andy worked.

Nina chuckled to herself. However, she didn't pull Lancy up at once. Instead, with a smile on her face, she asked Lakin again, "really? You've made up your mind? Should you think about it? You make sure? "

Lakin felt as if he had been crushed, and his heart was twitching painfully! His face was paler than paper, and his lips were blue. It was clear that he was suffering from a heart attack.

"I'll give the Lan Group to you," As long as they let go of his granddaughter, Lakin didn't care about anything else! No matter what enterprise or hatred he had, it was impossible for him to put his granddaughter's life in danger!

All of a sudden, all of this was no longer important.

Lakin stared at Nina, as if she was his enemy! "I will give you whatever you want. Pull her up quickly! If she died, I wouldn't let you take away your family's fortune! "

Lakin roared the last word. He was so angry, desperate and heartbroken! When Lancy came back to this family, Lankin swore to himself that he would give her whatever she wanted. However, now, beca

it was all right.

After a short while, Nina left.

After she left, Scott looked at Mr. Andy and asked, "boss, next?"

At this time, Lakin was totally defeated. Although he didn't suffer what Lancy did, he just watched aside and lost half of his life.

Mr. Andy was standing in front of Lakin, with a condescending view. This was definitely the best Lance.

He took a look at Lakin, within a short time, all his subordinates arriving. He was about to leave.

"Let's go. Someone will take care of this,"

Said Andy.

Yes, the whole plan was not made by Andy alone. If he had the ability, he would have achieved more achievements than Lakin in the past ten years. Why did he need to do such things?

This time, he paid a lot of money to hire a "special person".

They were both in the underworld because different kinds of areas were involved. Some people specialized in child trading; some were specialized in gun trading; some were specialized in drug trading; and some were specialized in human life trading!

It was different for different prices and levels of business.

For example, the gangs on the dock were powerful, while the one Andy invited was famous in the world.

Andy knew if he lost this time, the whole Jiang Clan would be buried with him, so he couldn't lose! As a result, he made up his mind to do this.

However, since the opponent asked for a high price, two-thirds of the plan would be done by Andy himself. What the opponent could do was to complete his plan and deal with the aftermath.

So after Nina, Andy retreated as soon as possible.

Of course, they won't be so stupid to untie the rope on Lakin, while Lancy, almost paralyzed now.

When he was sure that people in the factory were all gone, the so-called booty man finally came out.

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