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   Chapter 329 Drown

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"If you really can't do anything to Lancy as Mr. Lakin said, the share transfer agreement will be unreachable." Andy struck while the iron was hot, trying to bewitch Nina.

Also, now the outside police stare. Nina doesn't even need to guess. After Nina's accident, she's afraid of the intensity.

He couldn't waste even one second!

Perhaps Mr. Lakin intended to delay the investigation?

Nina narrowed her eyes dangerously. She had already seen through them! "Grandpa, you are such a good liar! Do you know the location of the abandoned factory is tens of thousands of times better than this? "

A better place than a small dark house?

Lakin suddenly had a very bad feeling.

"Scott, come in! Take action!" Nina didn't want to say much and beckoned to the people outside the house.

Scott was like a giant human mountain, taller than a morse. It was about two meters high.

With well-developed muscles, there were tattoos on it, one from the left and one from the right, but it was solid.

This man's eyes were muddy, and it was obvious that there was something wrong with his personality at first glance. It could not be a good guy! He came in with his head down, and when he stood upright, it would give people invisible pressure.

He didn't say anything, but carried Lancy on the shoulder and went outside!

The iron chain was still circling around Lancy's waist. Although Scott wore much strength, Lancy would be the only one who would feel hurt.

Lancy felt her internal organs were almost broken, but Scott seemed not to be aware of it and pulled it out hard.

How could a delicate Lancy bear the rude treatment of this man? Lancy's ten fingers were deeply stuck in this man's shoulder. After several times, Lancy broke out in a sweat. It was really painful.

She tried hard to open her eyes, and the cruelty in them was not even noticed by herself. She stared at the man's shoulder, close to his heart, and wanted to hack it!

When Lancy was about to hack, Nina suddenly broke the silence.

She squinted at Scott and pretended to blame her, "Scott, look, you are still holding the lock. Why are you running! Look at what you have done! "

If it weren't for Nina's attitude toward this farce, and if she took out the key a little faster, it would be more convincing!

It was obvious that Scott took this advice. Mr. Andy nodded at Scott and he stopped walking!

At this time, the lock was also unlocked. Carrying Lancy on his back, Scott disappeared into the sight of Lakin.

Lakin struggled with all his strength, and his wrist was even worn out to bleed. His skin was even rubbed raw!

Nina squatted down and touched his dark red wrist. At the thought of the reason why he did that, she said mercilessly, "Grandpa, don't worry. You will see her soon, very soon."

The moment Nina finished her words, Lakin went black and the black sack was over his head, so he couldn't see anything.

Since he was shackled and his hands were l

y and her feet were light. Thanks to Scott's carrying gesture, his shoulder poked her stomach hard! Lancy was starving to death and her stomach was stimulated. She almost threw up.

However, there was nothing in the stomach, and there was nothing to vomit.

Lancy was half dead now. All she could hear was humming on her ears and she couldn't hear what they were talking about at all. Even when Scott tied up her hand, Lancy was like a prey to be slaughtered.

It was not because Lancy was useless. To be honest, she had never experienced such things or been treated so cruelly since she could remember! Lancy had a good life with Ray and Rani, her life after she married boss was even happier than before.

No wonder Lancy was a little confused now!

She stared at Nina, her eyes were as dark as black holes in the universe, not deep at the bottom, but hiding an attractive magic! But Lancy knew nothing about this. It seemed that she has separated mentally and physically.

Sensing the gaze from Lancy, Nina felt nervous. She waved her hand, motioning for Scott to take his actions.

Being a prisoner, who was this to be so rude to! Nina clenched her teeth out of hatred. She couldn't imagine how powerful the man was if she didn't teach him a good lesson.

It was almost a blink of an eye. Scott seemed to push lightly. Lancy rushed into the pool without hesitation.

"Lancy!" The hysterical scream of Lakin!

Lancy couldn't hear, nor could she see. At the moment when the water fell, the muddy water poured into her throat, her ears, and even her eyes.

The weird taste of the water in the pool was like rusty iron or plum blossoms. Lancy felt uncomfortable all over. She felt so uncomfortable!

She was so shocked that she had no time to react, let alone prepare for defense, such as closing her mouth and eyes. She had suffered a lot. The iron chain on her body was so strong that she didn't even have the strength to lift herself. After kicking twice, she sank.

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