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   Chapter 328 A Choice

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"Why not? You signed it!" Nina didn't think so much. When her beautiful prospect was cruelly ruined by her grandfather, she screamed!

"Don't you know that the contract, which is signed against the wishes of the plaintiff, has no legal effect?"

The moment he finished speaking, Lakin laughed and didn't speak anymore.

There were many problems! If Andy did kill Lakin and Lancy, she would be the next one who got hurt?

Nina's heart was cold. It's such a big thing that Andy didn't told her anything. How terrible! Was he afraid that she would be soft hearted and hide it from her, or was it because she would be the next?

Both the former and the latter greatly shocked Nina.

Clap, clap, clap!

The sound of applause reverberated in the room.

The surveillance camera of the small dark house was not done there for nothing. What they had said and done were all monitored, without missing any word.

Andy smiled and said, "Mr. Lakin is worthy of being Mr. Lakin. We can't do anything to provoke him!" He cast a cold glance at Nina and thought she was indeed a silly girl!

Of course, Nina knew that Andy was not satisfied with her and she was fooled by him! However, he had to admit that what the leader of Lakin said was true.

When Andy saw the look on Nina's face, he knew that she was right. She was embarrassed! Just as Mr. Lakin expected, he didn't tell Nina the truth on purpose.

Everyone, who works in both illegal and legal industries, won't care about the lives of several people, right?

He might not use human life for a lifetime, but once he got it, that would be the case! He didn't know how to explain it, but he knew that 'more lice is not afraid of itch, and Andy didn't care about it at all!

A son of a bitch and a son of a bitch could be hole! The son and grandson of Andy were all not excellent! What's worse is the kind of little bastard who only knows how to eat his father and eat his mother. He spends a lot of time outside every day. What's more, he's cruel and insidious. Half of the kids dare to go to the wharf with their elders to talk about business. It can be seen that Mr. Andy has not restrained the next generation in education.

Why must be legal? For what, why must she have nothing to do with it! Anyway, they made money as they wished and got all their property at the same time.

What's more, when Lan Group fell into his hands, how could he protect it from any damage? They were ready-made, weren't they!

In conclusion, Andy was determined to get Lan Group not only because of his personal grudges, but also because of the current situation of the Jiang Clan! Andy had to get rid of the accusation of her crime as soon as possible. It was urgent and he had to spend more time defending himself.

The Jiang Clan did own a company, but its serious business was not much

The will mainly targeted two things. At the thought of this, all the people guessed that the next master of the family would belong and he would hand all his shares to Lancy. In other words, he wanted Lancy to take over Mr. Lakin's position.

Let's put it more bluntly. In fact, as long as he didn't covet Mr. Lakin's status, nothing changed in others' eyes! Such as boss and employee. How could the change of boss have any impact on the employees? No wonder the value of work went up as time went by.

The shares held by the shareholders had not changed.

When Anna was crying and regretting her decision to come back after a disaster, Mr. Lakin was unstable! After thinking about it for a while, he decided to put the overall interests above everything. At last, he decided to leave some of his properties and properties to Nina.

Besides, Mr. Lakin also believed that if Nina was a good and capable woman, he could be promoted by Lancy! Over and over again, the gap between the two sisters disappeared.

At that time, Mr. Lakin had such a thought in his mind and was staring intently at Nina who was leaning on Lancy! The more Mr. Lakin thought it was feasible, so he made the decision in silence.

And Nina wouldn't know it, neither would Mr. Lakin!

But now, I warn you, don't ever think about it.

Nina didn't know that her grandfather really cared for her and even planned for her. Nina only knew that there wasn't even her name in the will!

Nina was numb with rage!

At the same time, Nina was completely dark outside! She understood the meaning of Andy. Mr. Lakin can't die. Lancy... Well, if he spared her life, he would kill her half!

It wouldn't be better if Lakin and Lancy could lie together in the hospital for thirty or fifty years.

As long as Nina thought so, her life would be bright and colorful! Her life would be full of wonders without Lancy.

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