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   Chapter 326 Mysterious Man

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9210

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But now, Myron had to turn to that man for help! The only person he knew who could rival the dark force was HIM.

Ironically, Myron wasn't sure whether the woman was his friend or his enemy?

But the reality left him no choice.

The man was not surprised to receive a call from Myron. Or it should be said that it was what he had expected.

"Faster than I expected." The man gave a deep smile. He thought Myron could hold on for at least a month! Well, it was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry from the phone call.

Myron clenched his fists and lowered his head, "I need your help."

"Okay." The man stopped laughing and continued, "but I haven't come back yet. What should I do?"

"…… You are back. " He asked. It meant that he was back. Myron was not a fool. Most of the time his IQ was online.

That man tried every means to let him see Marvin's true face. He must have some other actions! It can't end here... That was why Myron left in a hurry.

Myron didn't want to be taken advantage of. For the sake of Lancy, he had to concede.

"Well, maybe." The man was mysterious and unfathomable. He looked down and smiled lightly. "You want me to help you? Why? "

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Why should he help a people he didn't know?

"I know. What do you want from me?" Fortunately, Myron did not lose his sense of propriety just because he was very anxious to save the girl. He didn't said that he would like to promise anything as long as he could save the girl.

The man on the other side of the phone let out a strange laugh, and said coldly, "well, now you have nothing that I want!"

Myron's heart sank down and felt indescribable embarrassment.

Sometimes people were just so strange. Being used by someone, one would be angry, but useless and even angry.

Myron knew that he was a useless man.

"But, tell me."

With a strong sense of shame, Myron told the whole thing thoroughly. He was waiting for that man's answer! He was in fidgets. That man was thinking about his plan. He wasn't sure if he would agree to help him!

To be honest, as that man said, Myron was worthless to him! If so, it would be meaningless for him to save her or not, and it would even waste his own manpower and material resources.

"Lancy..." That man murmured out the name, which was faster than Myron expected, "Okay, I promise you!"

Hearing that, Myron was stunned for a while and then asked subconsciously, "how could you..."

"For the sake of our acquaintance, let me help you this time! After this, I will receive the reward from the real beneficiary. "

The man on the other end of the line had a deep voice, but Myron didn't hear what he said.

Before he could react, the man hung up

wake up!" Unlike Lancy who was in a total mess, Nina was dressed brightly, her soft hair hanging down loosely, and her earrings were broken. She was so eye-catching in the dim light.

In order to welcome Nina waking up, Nina made some real moves.

The comparison made her very satisfied! "I thought you would be dead!" To be honest, Nina breathed a sigh of relief. She just wanted to revenge on Lancy and let her suffer, even physical torture But she never thought to kill her!

It was not that Nina still cared about family affection. It was just that she didn't kill anyone before and she didn't want to do so!

Nina didn't know whether she should feel lucky that Lancy was still alive. But it was better than death! If she really died, Mr. Lakin would rather die than signed the share transfer agreement!

No matter what, she had to make Lancy alive to get the benefit!

For a moment, Nina couldn't tell whether she wanted her to disappear from this world or live in this world?

Maybe there were other options, such as now, for the eagerness for food in disorder and misery.

So, while Nina showed herself, her expression was vivid and vicious, as if she had said, "Why don't you go to die? The more you live, the more waste of food you eat."

However, Lancy's mind was not on their images. More importantly, she was really hungry!

As for Mr. Lakin, he was just give a glimpse of her.

Nina wanted Lakin to know who was the most suitable successor!

Lancy should have cried out loud and begged for mercy, instead of being so silent! However, it was not like that. She stared at her with his bright black eyes without blinking, which made her inexplicably flustered.

Nina pouted and continued to shout at her, "what? Are you shocked to see me? Lancy, do you really think that we are close friends? "

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