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   Chapter 321 I Am Also Father's Daughter

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9799

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"I am also my father's daughter!" The most unbearable thing for Nina was that she couldn't bear the so-called "daughter of the royal family"!

Nina didn't want to admit that. After all, she wasn't the daughter of a concubine! If her father didn't die and her mother didn't die, Nina wasn't sure whether she could get into Lan Clan!

To put it bluntly, she was the daughter of an outsider.

Looked at the children born out of wedlock or bastard that his family would never accept.

Even if all the members of the clan had died, only in order to continue their blood line, they would probably admit the position of illegitimate children.

It was almost impossible. It was said that she was only a girl.

The position of the legitimate son is higher than that of the legitimate daughter, while the position of the legitimate daughter is higher than that of the common son. Of course, the common daughter is not higher than the common son, but it is higher than the illegitimate daughter and the illegitimate son.

It was imaginable that Nina had a totally different fate if she was from another family!

She had no right to get in, let alone take over Lan Group.

Not all the illegitimate daughters had the luck to be treated as the daughter of their patriarch! Thought to herself, Nina was really happy.

Perhaps it was because of this that she gradually forgot her inherent responsibility, forgot her identity, and really treated herself as an official heir.

When she regarded herself as the only successor, and the Lan Clan and Lan Group as nothing, Lancy came back!

Lancy, the daughter of the Lan Clan, was not only a threat to take away her right of inheritance, but also a reminder to all the people who knew it. Nina was a woman of humble origin!

Her mother, Jill, knew it! Although she had successfully become a member of Lan Clan and enjoyed all the splendor and wealth, she still hadn't been recognized. Some of the signs couldn't be erased all her life.

Lancy not only took away her fortune, but also Lan Clan.

Grandpa's love, lover's love, now she, nothing! Nina was in a desperate situation. She had nothing at all!

Nina felt heartbroken every time she thought of the fact that she lost the love of her life and she was divorced!

"You are not a member of Lan Clan!"

The disdainful remarks from Lakin made Nina completely vent her anger.

"Really, Grandpa, even if you don't admit it, my DNA can't be changed." Nina walked up and squatted down in front of Lakin. She had a faint sense of satisfaction when she saw how angry he was. "We are not in the old society now. I know you don't admit me, but we have to accept the law."

"At that time, you agreed to take me back. Didn't you do DNA identification?" Nina smiled proudly, as if such explanation gave her confidence! It didn't matter if grandpa didn't admit her as daughter, and it didn't matter if people in th

ngage in those occasions.

On one hand, it was necessary for the plan. It turned out that Lakin had sent his people to investigate these things, and they had also found the traces of her in the past more than half a year.

On the other hand, Andy intended to bring Nina to a new world where he indulged himself in the decadent soul, especially that this person was the granddaughter of Lakin.

Half a year's life had totally changed Nina. He couldn't believe what she had seen and thought!

Otherwise, how could a man who had never criminal records do such a thing all of a sudden? It was much easier to learn to be bad than to be a good person.

Can one expect her grandfather to believe in another person who also covets Lan Group?

Just as Andy had never trusted Nina, and so did Nina to Andy.

All interests were gone.

"It seems that he is good at stirring up trouble between us," Andy stood up and reminded the stupid woman in front of him not to be fooled by a few words again. "80% right? Oh, I'm not as greedy as you think. "

Hearing his words, Nina calmed down a little. It was true. Andy had told her that he only needed 50% shares from her grandpa.

So Nina was in charge of the company.

It had to be said that Andy was really good at brainwashing!

However, it was proved once again that Lakin really knew Andy well. They had underestimated his calculation and was with great accuracy.

Since Lakin asked for his signature, everyone had known the truth.

The news that Lakin violently refused to cooperate infuriated Nina.

In the case of life-threatening, Lakin even want to give Lancy Lan Group? Nina was almost driven crazy.

"Nina, it seems that you are still not as good as before." Andy's eyes were surging, but he did not show it at all. He shook his head and continued adding fuel to the fire without any mental pressure.

There were some things that he didn't have to solve by himself.

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