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Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 9375

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But Andy was different. He didn't want to get involved in his fight with Lakin, so he had been well prepared. No, it wasn't a surprise.

What was Lakin's expectation? It was not surprising that the main beneficiary was Andy.

It can even be said that it can be anyone, Latin, Lapin, anyone without blood relationship, can't be... Nina!

It's not Lakin's partiality. The last beneficiary in the contract is Nina, which means... What did it mean?

It means that his granddaughter, whose wings are hard and her heart is hard, is afraid that she will begin to plan all these things from the day when she breaks off the relationship.

Lakin should say that the third day of the farewell should be impressive?

His granddaughter had learned to tolerate humiliation, bear hardships and plan carefully! She has spent half a year scheming against him!

Lakin said sadly. He had been good at playing tricks all his life. It never occurred to him that he was defeated by his granddaughter.

Gambling, finding a job, being violated... Those were all her excuses. All of this was part of her plan, which was just a stepping stone for her returning to the Lan Clan. And she also made full use of their sympathy and guilt.

How ridiculous it was that he felt guilty for her and tried his best to compensate her! Tears began to well up in Lakin's eyes as he laughed. He was unworthy of his trust as an intelligent man!

Ever since Nina came back from the Lan Clan, she had been a good actress. What she had done played in front of the head of the branch company again and again. When the head of the branch company opened Lakin's eyes again, there was no expression on his face.

But all her doubts were ignored by her. With a ironic smile on his face, Lakin thought that Nina was really a cunning woman who made full use of the guilt of her family members.

However, Lakin calmed down very soon. Lakin was worthy of his name.

"So, when did you two get together?" Lakin didn't even want to call Nina's name. He just called them 'you' instead of 'Nina'. He didn't want to have a grand daughter like Nina!

Anyway, he did this for the Lan Group, for the Lan Clan, and for his power!

When Andy saw the smug face of Lakin, he was shocked, unbelievable and disappointed. But once again, he returned to calm! It had to be said that Lakin deserved to be the power holder of Lan Clan. No wonder he created the glorious business of the Lan Group with his own ability.

"Probably since the day you kicked her out?"

Andy was not afraid at all. Instead, he was proud of himself.

After Nina and Kevin got their divorce certificate, people outside the Civil Affairs Bureau blocked Nina was Andy.

At that time, Nina had been a sharp weapon to deal with Lakin! Of course, this weapon was not completel

, she suddenly realized how embarrassed she was because of being a prisoner.

In Nina's impression, Lakin was always neat and serious from hair to feet.

Now he was in his ragged pajamas, sweaty, and iron chain on his feet. His image of an unworthy man suddenly collapsed! Nina was not so sacred as she though. Her grandfather can still be like this, he is not as sacred and inviolable as she imagined.

The appearance of Nina was expected by Andy. He directed the servants to move aside so as to leave some space for the two!

Well, this is undoubtedly the best place to watch the show. Andy has no outsider awareness! He had told her long ago that he was the one who would make the decision.

Even Nina was just part of his plan.

Therefore, Andy had no psychological pressure and watched the drama.

"I'm disappointed in you." Lakin said peacefully after keeping silent for a few minutes.

"You haven't been satisfied with me since the moment when Lancy came back," Nina snorted with a cold face. Nina was infuriated by his words and angrily said, "I'm disappointed. Grandfather, I'm also disappointed in you! If you had treated me and Lancy well, we wouldn't have ended up like this! You deserve it! "

Lakin abruptly burst into laughter, which was deafening. "I asking for it! I have raised you for more than twenty years and given you the best. It turns out that I have gotten everything to blame? "

"Yes, I deserve it!" There was no difference between Lakin and a stranger as he stared into Nina's eyes. Nina meant nothing to him and the whole Lan Clan! "Twenty years ago, if I didn't allow you to get in, you wouldn't be where you were today! Nina, you are such an ungrateful person! "

Nina smashed things crazily and what she got, in front of her, was smashed to the ground! Her index finger was cut by his knife, but she didn't feel it.

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