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   Chapter 318 Lure The Enemy Awa

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Freda has a kind of worried mulberry. She looks at Lancy. Can she hit Lancy?

Please don't tell me frankly even if you doubt my cooking? Don't take such a hit, she cooks, and it's delicious, OK?

Because the girl's eyes were as clear as cryst al, Freda felt guilty. "How difficult can it be to cook instant noodles?"

Miss Freda was ashamed into anger. She widened her eyes and thought, 'what? I can cook instant noodles? That's not easy!'! 'at least, she knew to fill the bathtub first. When the water is boiled, she can throw the noodles into the bathtub. okay?'

Freda proved that instant noodles, regardless of nationality and grass-roots level, are made of instant noodles! In other words, everyone on earth loved instant noodles.

Hearing that, Lancy smiled, as if she was saying, "that's right!"!

Even the kitchen stuff could be dripping from one's eyes!

Knowing what was on Lancy's mind, Freda flushed and glared at her, "are you going to eat or not?"

Startled, Lancy nodded quickly and ordered in a very high voice, "eat!"

With the Freda's gesture, they had to eat something even if they didn't want to!

Freda nodded with satisfaction. OK, here comes the question. The Lan Clan's cook is innocent. He said that there is no such thing as instant noodles at home.

Lancy, are you sure you only want instant noodles, not white fungus soup, pork trotter soup?

Freda wiped her face and blushes. Can she say that she can only cook instant noodles?

Freda replied reluctantly. But since Lancy was willing to cook, it was necessary for her to keep her promise. "Well, you can enjoy yourself for a while. I'm going to buy some food materials."

Covering his face, Freda flied into the supermarket.

When she drove her BMW to buy instant noodles.

Lancy huddled herself up on the sofa. She looked at the ceiling and waited for Hiram's instant noodles to come back.

Freda could not think of it. She left for a while. In less than half an hour, when she came back to Lan Clan, everything has changed.

The man who should have waited for her was gone.

She had to start from that phone call.

Five minutes later, the phone rang. It was from Nina.

'isn't she in her room? Why did she call me?' Lancy wondered? "Nina?"

"Lancy, it's me." Nina sounded nervous and in a low voice on the other end of the line. "I am in a place. Could you please come over?"

"Well..." Lancy stood up straight and asked, "you are not at home? When did you go out? "

"…… I'm outside now. Come here. Just you. " Nina bit her lower lip and said, "I need your help."

"Are you in trouble?"

Seeing that Lancy didn't give up, Nina told her what she had planned, "I saw that man. My mother seems to be with him. I'm a little worried and I'm afraid..."

Nina was about to say something, b

ed by five or six servants. Each of them had their faces covered.

Lakin snorted sarcastically. The room was dark and covered with a thick mask. He could see nothing!

When the door was opened, a strong light came in. Lakin subconsciously squinted. he wanted to block it with her hand, but he couldn't move.

The leader was pleased by what Mr. Lakin did, and he sneered.

"I never expected that the strongest member of the Lan Clan would suffer so much." The leader's voice was processed through a body transformation, causing people's ears to be buzzing.

Obviously, the man didn't want to be discovered by Lakin. He even specially treated his voice.

But he didn't know. he felt kind of self deceiving.

This was a way to tell Lakin that they knew each other? Otherwise, why did he go to great lengths to cover up his information?

Even though being a prisoner at the stage, Lakin didn't lose his dignity. He said calmly, "I thought you already knew how dangerous I was four days ago."

The leader squinted his eyes and looked up and down at Lakin. He couldn't bear to see him behaving so indifferent. "Are you sure that I won't do anything to you?"

"What will you do?" The room was dark and damp. The air was bad. With the iron gate opened, the fresh air came into the room. Mr. Lakin's face looked much better. "Do you want money or anything else?"

The leader of the men shouted to the sky, one foot stepping on a chair similar to a tiger's chair, which was holding Lakin. "Are you kidding me, Lakin? Money? "

The man's foot fell right on Lakin's chest, and his weight seemed to be on this foot. Lakin breathed a sigh of relief.

Her face turned red in the darkness.

He sank into silence. As the man was enjoying his victory, Lakin suddenly spoke up. He sighed, "Andy, open the sunroof and speak straight. Don't hide anything. I know it's you."

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