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   Chapter 317 Eat Instant Noodles If You Want

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"Did I say something wrong?" Lancy said innocently.

Freda pouted and failed. In fact, she was right in reaction. She glanced at Myron. 'well, fortunately I'm wearing pants.'.

You two stupid girls. What are you thinking about?

Freda helped Lancy up and said in low voice, "my brother was talking with Mr. Glen in the company and he was worried about you, so I came here to accompany you. Myron also said that he hadn't come to see my sister-in-law for a long time, so he came with me. "

Since it was a heavy bite, Freda, aiming at carrying on Lancy's arm, seemed not to see Myron's long face.

Lancy smiled at Myron. God knew how long she had not laughed. "Myron. Thank you so much. You are so kind."

Hearing that, Myron's face turned pale. With a smile at the corners of his mouth and love in his eyes, he said, "I should do this. But you really lose a lot of weight."

Looking at Myron, Lancy gradually remembered what she had forgotten! She suddenly clapped her forehead and apologized, "Myron, I almost forget, your marriage... I'm really sorry. Can I speed down, Myron? When I find Grandpa, I will help you find a good wife. "

Myron did not know whether he should laugh or cry. The good thing was that she put his matter at heart, the worst thing was that it was his marriage, and she was eager to arrange it for him.

Lancy nodded listlessly. Right now, she really had no mood to do anything else.

Myron didn't have the heart to ask her directly. He gazed at Lancy without a blink and asked, "did you get any news from the police?"

Shaking her head, Lancy replied, "I've been searching for the suspect, but I still haven't found grandpa! It's already the fifth day... "

"Don't think too much. She'll be fine! We can find Mr. Lakin soon. " Freda hugged Lancy. On the fifth day... She was well aware of the meaning of it. "Didn't they call? What on earth do they want? "

How could they kidnap a man without a purpose?

Back then, after Marvin be kidnapped, kidnappers called them the next day to ask for ransom! At that time, although he also called the police, the ransom was also prepared. Grandpa put his brother's safety in the first place.

Unfortunately, with such a father, Wilson became greedy for his son's life. By the time when the policemen finally came to rescue his brother, Marvin has been tortured to the point of no adult.

If the ransom could be sent to the kidnapper in time, my brother wouldn't have suffered so much.

For families like them, it's not a problem that could be solved with money. What they were afraid of was that the other party didn't want anything!

Freda believed that the Lan Clan will spend all their money to redeem people... However, there was no news from the kidnappers, not a clue at all. This was the most troublesome.

Meanwhile, the police could only

ed, she was still a little girl. Seeing her mother crying, she cried as well!

However, Lancy did not cry. As time passed, she did not even shed a drop of tear! Sometimes, even though her eyes were red and moist, she tried her best to hold back her tears, which was more pathetic than crying.

"Why don't you cry?" Freda even said the question from the bottom of her heart. Her thin fingers lingered at the corner of Lancy's eyes! She would feel better if she cried, wouldn't she?

Lancy was shocked and looked out of the window, then she clenched her fist and decisively refused, "grandfather will be back soon. I won't cry! It doesn't matter. You are right. "

Lancy firmly believed that her grandfather would come back, of course, in good condition!

But tears wouldn't cheer her up?

With a smile, Freda nodded and replied, "You haven't eaten yet. Would you like to taste my cooking?"

No one could guarantee that! Now that Lancy believed him so much, then let her hope come true! Freda was fully aware that if her hope was deprived, then Lancy would not be as weak as before.

But now, at least she could force herself to smile?

Perhaps, she should ask her brother about this! Kidnapping, it was lucky enough for grandpa to come back alive, safe and sound It was almost impossible.

This was undoubtedly cruel to Lancy.

Now, the only thing he could do was to stabilize her!

As Marvin expected, it was better for Lancy to vent than to hide in one's heart rather than cry and fight.

However, no one dared to tell her, even if it was only a guess.

Freda felt even worse when he saw Lancy.

Rested her head on her hand, Lancy stared at Freda and thought carefully. Then he frowned and sniffed, "Freda, you can cook? Can I eat it? "

Ow, this is undoubtedly an extremely serious problem. Despite the current situation, we have nothing to hide from each other.

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