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   Chapter 316 Jean Monopolize Important Tasks

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If Lancy was finally executed successfully, the report in her hand would be immediately handed in. If the task failed, three people would bear the responsibility, and it was always better than one person. Right?

Jean's plan came up with many ideas. She had thought of almost all the results, good, bad. She had prepared well in different situations!

But the most ridiculous thing was that Glen had overturned everything by only a few words and a decision!

Jean was exhausted. All the efforts she had made in the past few months were in vain because of Glen's words. She wanted to scold him, to kick the table, to make Glen take back all the words he had just said!

However, Jean inadvertently looked at the smiling eyes of Glen. Yes, this guy was smiling! As an audience, he enjoyed her being tortured as a result of her own actions.

Jean suddenly calmed down. He, was he sure that she would not succeed? Or did she just want to use it as a bargaining chip?

What was his purpose? What was his purpose?

Jean soon thought of it, and he wanted to have a share! So, how could she threaten her by taking all the risks? Could she make a choice out of two choices, do it by herself or get half of the credit?

Jean seemed not surprised after he said that. But she had to say that if she was Glen, she would do the same! Did it mean that even Glen thought that her plan was workable? Perfect?

Jean made a bold guess. Before that, she had doubted herself, and all the details of the plan were carefully thought and analyzed.

Now, with what Glen suddenly did, Jean suddenly had confidence in herself. Did all the negative emotions disappear suddenly?

One day, Glen would beg her!

Jean smiled complacently. Under the gaze of Glen, she quickly made a decision! She was proud of it, and even felt a pleasure of revenge.

"Okay, as you wish!" Jean was no longer submissive. She stared closely at Glen, not wanting to miss his disappointed expression.

"…… Good, for the first time they have reached a consensus! "

No disappointment, no displeasure, no impeccable frustration! Glen's expression was so impeccable!

But, Jean was satisfied. In fact, the silence between his words had already given him away!

Jean felt that she was right! Since Glen believed that her success rate was more than 80%, why did she want to share the credit with others?

"Ha ha, don't forget, behave yourself!" Glen was the most important part of the mission and was of great significance.

He was different from Leona. She was of no use to her at all! As for Glen, given the identity of his mining business, and the cooperation between him and the Wilson Group, without Glen, the success rate of his task would be reduced to forty to sixty percent.

Therefore, Jean repeated what she said and repeatedly reminded

e bottom of her eyes, every part of Lancy's showed her true state.

Fortunately, Marvin stared at her for dinner. Otherwise, Lancy will only lose more.

Even so, it made his heart ache to see her in such a low spirit.

Freda volunteered to come to Lan Clan and accompanied Lancy.

When he saw her, he frowned deeply. Then he pinched her cheek and arms and said disapprovingly, "oh my God, you are so skinny."

"Freda..." Like a little monkey, Lancy was sitting cross legged and stared at Freda. Recently, she had developed a habit that as long as she was familiar and trusted with someone, the girl would be able to get into the man's arms and seek warmth the first moment she met him.

After all, Marvin was the first victim, and so was Freda.

Freda's voice was full of questions. She was stuck in her throat. Because Lancy was all thumbs, she crawled to her body with the power of covering her ears.

There is no way Freda could bear her. The only result is they fell down together! The only good thing was that behind her was the soft sofa.

Meanwhile, Freda hugged Lancy in its arms, and its black eyes was shining brightly, like it was uncomfortably hurt her.

"Lancy, my brother is right behind you. Are you sure you want to do this?" He was angry, because she didn't know how to take care of herself! However, seeing her like this, no matter how much blame she had, she could not speak it out! Freda's face darkened and his voice softened.

Lancy blinked and there was one second when Myron came into her sight.

And he also smiled at her gently.

After a long while, Lancy came to herself and murmured, "I'm not wearing a dress today. I'm wearing a pair of pants."

Freda was a little embarrassed. It got up from the sofa, straightened her hair and clothes and gave a sidelong look to Lancy! That was her focus! Was that supposed to be more shocking?

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