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   Chapter 315 Opportunities And Risks

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What madam cares about is what the master cares about, what madam doesn't care means nothing to master.

Luke was even prepared, on the alert quietly, on the alert for Leona's next move.

It never occurred to Luke that Leona just looked at the man silently without any movement. There was a smile on her face, but the man could not smile at all.

With his eyebrows frowned more tightly, Luke waited for Leona to continue.

"Yes, you are right. I just want to see Lancy." Hearing that, Leona shrugged her shoulders and rolled her beautiful big eyes. She looked at Luke intently and asked, "Do you and your master really want to stop me?"

Luke's attitude was the best evidence that he didn't answer question.

With a more brilliant smile, Leona leaned forward and took the initiative to close the distance between them. She leaned close to Luke and whispered in his ear, "this is your decision. If anything happens at that time, don't regret it!"

Before Luke could react, Leona closed the door.

Luke stared at the door with an obscure expression on his face. What did Leona mean by saying that? What did she mean by saying "don't regret what you will do?"? What was her hint on earth?

All of a sudden, an ominous premonition arose in his heart. Luke immediately decided to follow up his urge to keep an eye on Leona.

He felt that Leona was implying something.

On the other side, Leona leaned against the door, closed her eyes, and listened to everything outside.

Leona knew, Luke would not leave tonight! In the following days, Luke would definitely keep an eye on Leona more intensely.

Leona calmly thought for a while. She knew it would be extremely difficult for her to get rid of this trouble by herself! Now the opportunity was fleeting. If she missed this one, who knew when it would be the next time!

The superior leaders sped up. Leona knew that they would get it this time! When she thought about what they meant, she was afraid that they wouldn't let it last for another six years.

Indeed, the new leader must be different from the previous one, and he might not be very patient either.

Glen was right. There was only one thing she could do!

Leona had no idea why Glen helped her and why he wanted Lancy to regain her memory, but she didn't care about that much. The process was not important as long as she could achieve her goal.

It was Glen!

After thinking it over, Leona found that she could not move at all with the eyes of Marvin! Although she preferred to do it alone, the current situation left her no choice.

It was time to call for help!

Since this was an invitation from Glen, he would help her, wouldn't he?

After composing herself, Leona called Glen with her exclusive contact information in her organization.

They didn't know what they were talking about. Anyway, Leona slept well that night! Nothing could be better than six years.

Glen replied while he was playing with t

What do you mean? " Jean had a headache. It's true. Her ten fingers were deeply stuck in her arm, so there was no disturbance.

Glen appreciated her anger instead of anger. Well, it should be said that Jean was extremely angry, but because he was useful, and this plan still needed him, she dare not say anything but bear her anger!

"What do you mean? Haven't I made myself clear to you? " "Let's get down to the business! If your plan goes smoothly, you can deal with Lancy eventually. All the credit should be yours. I won't compete with you! Otherwise, I will make sure to buy time on the side of Marvin, and if you still can't make it, then you are responsible for it. "

Even if the plan was perfect and interlocking, there would always be some deviation in the implementation! Glen now doesn't care about her anymore. Jean just said that it was enough for her to do her own things.

"Glen, if the leaders ask about it..."

Jean opened her mouth, and Glen knew what she would say and interrupted her words impolitely, "the plan is decided by you, and the task is assigned by you. Do you know what this is? I'm telling the truth. "

If they failed in the end and was questioned by his superior, Glen would tell the truth.

To be honest, they were doing a great job. If it were someone else, they would surely make up a story!

In other words, Glen was implying Jean that it was a fair concession.

Jean constantly walked back and forth in front of Glen. Everyone could see how vexed and struggling she was now.

Risks are opportunities... It's ridiculous! Jean just wanted to finish the task with the lowest risk! Therefore, even if Leona was excluded, she did not mention this matter to her superiors, nor did she submit the report on how irresponsible Leona was.

Jean always mentioned Leona and Glen when reporting work. She wanted her superiors to know that there were three members of the mission.

This situation had lasted for so long.

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