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   Chapter 314 Apparently Aggressive

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What did Lancy say?

Is she the only granddaughter of Grandpa? "The royal family has its own differences?"? Nina ironically raised her lips. Look, this was the real face of this woman, and this was her true heart!

She used to be an easygoing woman with no ambition. But now, the scandal has come to light?

Yes, Lancy is the legitimate heir of the Lan Clan!'

Nina's dark eyes were fixed on Lancy. In the eyes of Nina, she saw her figure more clearly and smiled unconsciously.

It seemed that Lancy had already taken the Lan Clan for everything.

Look at how deft she was when she gave the order, just like a natural leader.

Nina suddenly felt that she had seen through this woman... And she felt that she was right. If today's board meeting was held as scheduled, Lancy would take her throne without any hesitation.

Let's try our best to find him!

Crossing her arms over her chest, Nina coldly watched Marvin and Lancy busy in their work. Soon, the police came and so did the on-spot investigations. For a moment, the Lan Clan became crowded.

Nina was an outsider from the beginning. No one asked for her opinion or paid attention to her actions. Anyway, Lancy was the official heir!

Perhaps this was how they saw the world on the stage, and they were all greedy for the fittest!

Nina slightly leaned her body to one side, with a glimmer of surprise in her eyes. Well, it turned out that there was someone else who was the same as her!

Myron... He was another person that was completely neglected. 'Wow, Myron looks like Marvin very much. They are different people. Even though they look like each other, one is the head of the Lu Clan, the other is... Nothing!

Probably, someone likes me.

Wait! Suddenly, Nina seemed to have discovered something. She looked at Myron and then looked at Lancy... Did this man like Lancy? He liked his sister-in-law?

Upon hearing this, Myron seemed to realize that something was wrong with Nina. Hastily, he drew back his attention from Lancy and gave Nina a cold and indifferent glance.

Nina gave him a meaningful smile. Upon seeing that, Myron frowned and looked away.

Nina snorted and turned around to go back to her room.

After all, she was a patient?

No matter what happened to Lan Clan, Nina was not afraid of it at all.

Time passed quickly! Now that the first day had passed, it would be easier for the next day and the third day to come.

Of course, it was much easier.

For example, the servants of the Lan Clan, after knowing that their master was kidnapped, had less time to suffer. For them, they didn't need to guess countless possibilities at least. Besides, they were just powerless servants. How could they crack the case? It was true and the case had been officially registered. It was not their strong ability or accusation.

Of course, there was an exception.

Lancy, for example. As the golden period went by little by little, Lancy became mo

till in that posture. It was not the intimate act between men and women, but a kind of undercurrent confrontation.

"Where do you want to go? Again? " After three minutes of silence, his eyes were as dark as ink, and his eyes were as deep as an abyss. The lines in his eyes were so clear, but they seemed to have nothing to do with the romantic.

Luke was judging this woman. This woman was interesting! He had thought that she should be cold and cruel, but he didn't expect that she could be so charming.

Amorous... Amorous... Leona was undoubtedly beautiful, different from other ordinary women. How to describe it? She was also from the dark world.

However, Luke was not affected at all! He also noticed that Leona's eyes were cold and emotionless.

His eyes darkened and he stared at Leona coldly under the pressure of his high stature. "Don't waste your time. You can't see Lancy. Go back to sleep," he said with a faint smile

He meant that Leona wouldn't be able to get out tonight.

He had to promise Marvin that Leona would see Lancy soon!

Luke pointed to the room, indicating that Leona should go in soon. He would not let her have her wish! Looking at Leona, he couldn't help but recall the day when she hurt herself... If she played the same trick again, she would never win! There was an aura of tension in his eyes as Luke stared at Leona.

'In the current situation, I don't think she can threaten me with her life. Just let her go, ' he thought!

When something happened to the Lan Clan, Jean, Glen cast greedy eyes on them. And there was a hidden bomb like Leona. No wonder her master would make such a decision to break up with her.

In fact, the most important thing now was that Lancy had completely abandoned Jean and Leona, so they were not as important as before...

Luke could not help but think about the master's thoughts. They did not know since when the master's actions were more based on the love and evil of the hostess.

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