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   Chapter 313 Missing Without Cause

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"Grandpa was taken away in his sleep." Marvin threw away the pillow gracefully. There was only one person in his eyes, and that was Lancy. "He was dragged away after he passed out in sleep. There are at least three of them... I can't believe that no one was disturbed by such a big action! "

In the end, it was more like self-answer.

In fact, Lancy didn't know what Marvin was talking about. She tried hard to digest the information he gave her. There was a strange but familiar feeling in her.

'all in all, now we are sure that no miracle will happen and grandfather will not come back himself. Boss has officially announced that grandfather has been kidnapped.

It seemed that Marvin had taken away the work of the police unconsciously.

In fact, everyone had already made such a guess in their hearts. As time passed, the guess started to solidify. However, some people were unwilling to face the reality, some people wanted to take the opportunity to do something, maintaining the fake "disbelief".

"Is that so? You're really a good actor. " It had to be said that he was five years younger than Lakin. He was a man with the same foot into a coffin. Most of the time, he didn't look like an elder.

In other words, Lapin would never learn to be steady all his life.

As an elder brother, Latin looked like a responsible elder. "It's just your guess. The police have to come to confirm it. You can't fool anyone. "

It meant that they didn't believe what he said at all.

"I believe you." Lancy would trust whatever he said without any hesitation! 'Grandpa, something must have happened to him. If we have to wait for 24 hours, we will miss the best time to save people.'

"Lancy, stop messing around!" Latin and Lapin showed disagreement on their faces. "Anyway, we have to wait for the police to come to the conclusion. We don't know the truth yet, but calling the police is already a joke risk your grandfather's life. "

As she spoke, she gave a reproachful glance at Marvin.

"The investigator will be here in five minutes. They have the same conclusion." Marvin was so confident that the reactions of Latin and other people aroused his suspicion.

Lancy understood what he meant. She was the one who made the decision.

If he didn't come back soon, he would lose his grandpa. "I believe him! Butler, don't waste time searching like a headless fly. Start to pick the opponents. "

Nina's heart skipped a beat. Not only her, but also all the people present looked at Lancy with subtle eyes.

Was Lancy really decisive and clear minded?

Marvin smiled at her. It was this smile that gave Lancy strength and courage. She knew that her decision was right.

"Lancy, I don't think it's a good idea." Nina twitched her mouth, feeling embarrassed and unsure. "For Grandpa's sake, we'd better listen to them."

rest of their lives.

Who could understand their shame and anger hidden in their hearts? But now, a little girl scolded and pointed at his nose, which made Lapin even want to kill her!

"Lancy, is this the manner of courtesy for you? How can you talk to your elder like this?" Latin held back his emotions and stared at Marvin angrily.

And so did Marvin.

However, Latin was still untouchable. He started to look at the man in the eyes.

"Let's see what the elders have said and done!" Lancy raised her head, straightened her chest and said bravely, "butler, just do what I said. I will bear all the consequences alone."


Lapin, Latin and Nina frowned.

Lancy sneered, "now I am the most qualified one to have a say in the Lan Clan. I am the granddaughter of my grandfather's first wife. If you two grandfathers have a problem with it, you can ask him at any time when he comes back."

Butler received an amnesty and left quickly.

However, butler didn't care about what happened to Lapin and Latin!

It was the first time for butler to understand why Mr. Lakin appointed Lancy instead of Nina.

Of course, the division between the two is the reason.

More importantly, bear responsibility! Nina had to admit that it was hard for her to take over a loyal servant, especially when she was crying all the time and turned a blind eye to what she had done.

On the contrary, Lancy insisted, and she was obeyed by Butler.

Now Butler was even more certain about the decision of the old master! Lancy may not be so scheming, or not good at cheating in the business world, or not as gifted as a leader, but she is very suitable for it.

At least, she was more suitable for him than Nina.

While Nina was still in shock. She saw that Lancy seemed to have changed into another person and she directed things in an orderly way. It was really not like her at all.

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