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   Chapter 312 Flaws

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Since such a big thing happened to the Lan Clan, Lancy would not hide it from Marvin. Now she urgently needed a backbone.

But to everyone's surprise, they found that Marvin was here as well as Myron.

It turned out that Myron was just next to Marvin after she called Marvin. He was so anxious that he came along stubbornly, not caring whether his brother would be displeased.

When the two brothers arrived at the Lan Clan, Lancy lowered her head and shrank in a corner lifelessly. The whole Lan Clan was in an extremely low spirit.

Of course, it was impossible for them to still order people to find people outside without doing anything.

At the same time, she was afraid that Mr. Lakin would come back himself when they went all out! Therefore, it took butler a lot of effort to persuade Lancy and Nina to stay at home.

However, it seemed tha tLapin and Latin... The anticipation and schadenfreude in their eyes were rather obvious. He didn't want to talk to these two men at all!

Nina sat in her wheelchair and leaned against the French window. It was obvious that she was deep in thought.

Lapin and Latin were equally nervous. Each time there was noise in the vestibule, they were anxious to jump out of the sofa, as if they could retreat from the sofa again if Lakin came in.

However, Lancy was the only exception. It was so quiet that others even couldn't believe her eyes.

It was as if he lost his voice overnight, and even couldn't make out the simplest characters.

Time was so magical.

Sometimes, an hour was faster than a year.

Lancy felt empty in her mind and heart. She looked at the home, empty...

With his lips pursed, Marvin walked in front of Lancy, squatted down and looked at her! When their eyes met, that pair of dark and dim eyes gradually restored some color.


Lancy was a little uncertain. She was in a trance and did not even see Myron behind Marvin.

Marvin was the only one in her eyes.

Her soft little hand held Marvin's index finger, which was a very insecure gesture. She stared at him without blinking, as if he would disappear the next second.

When they gazed at each other in this way, Lancy suddenly felt darkness in her eyes, and it turned out that his palm was covering her eyes.

"You must be tired." Muttered Marvin.

"I'm not tired," Lancy murmured. She didn't do anything. How could she be tired?

However, Marvin just smiled lightly. Sometimes, tiredness was the most torturing. "I called the police... Don't worry. He'll be fine. "

The call was like a huge rock thrown into a lake, which startled the ripples in the room.

And he coughed because of the flowing water!

"You called the police!" Lapin had always been impulsive. If he were ten or twenty years younger, he could pick up a crutch and rush up to beat up M

ep an eye on him, as if only in this way could they be relieved.

After Myron calmed himself down, Myron went upstairs.

He comforted himself that Lancy was just too sad! She was so sad that she forgot everything else.

What did Marvin want to do?

Nina stood at the door of the room. To be exact, no one came in.

It was because of the different expressions, movements and state of mind of Marvin that nothing was wrong. He was so serious that his cold eyes swept over every corner of the room. He was like a professional scout in the TV series.

Latin was confused by this idea. He tried to calm down and wondered what on earth Marvin was doing?

Lapin's emotions were relatively relaxed. He sneered heavily, with disdain and sarcasm in his eyes. Did she really think that he could do everything? make grand gestures.

Nina looked at Marvin in disbelief. He grabbed the pillow, put it under his nose and sniffed... This man, could not really know...

Well, it's impossible. We're not in a detective drama.

Nina's farfetched smile was still on her lips, and she heard Marvin say a name, the name of a drug.

Outsiders didn't know, and even had never heard of it, but the people who used it, knew. Nina was grasping the door tightly, and how could it be known by Marvin?

The man said it clearly that even the police could not smell it. It could be seen how light the smell of the medicine was! Especially after diluted with clear water, how did Marvin smell it?

Nina couldn't figure it out. She had tried to get a faint scent only when she was close to the smell. She was quite familiar with the scent.

How could it be possible?

Even though Nina was suspicious, she still felt nervous! Nobody knew what Marvin would find after he smelled of medicine?

This was a question that Nina couldn't answer herself.

She could do nothing but watch Marvin.

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