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   Chapter 310 Beware Of Eavesdroppers

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And Lancy was very kind-hearted and she was too kind to trust others easily. In fact, she was not a qualified successor! But she was not alone. She was backed by Marvin, two smart Ray and Rani.

The power behind her was enough for her to take charge temporarily.

Yes, it was temporary.

Mr. Lakin didn't think that Marvin would take this opportunity to swallow the Lan Group, because he was well prepared! Firstly, with his understanding of Marvin, he was too proud to allow him to swallow his wife's family business, secondly, even if he was really greedy... The news that Lancy was the first heir to Lan Group was a well-known secret both in business circle and at ordinary people. Afterward, he even arranged the handover ceremony to the public! In this case, with the knowledge of all the people around the country, how could Marvin plan to steal Lan Group?

It was not that Mr. Lakin didn't believe in Marvin. It was said that there was no father and son in the battlefield. Marvin stood for not only himself, but also all the members of the Wilson Group.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future, right?

Since Lakin had said that, he thought about it and directly told Lancy, so that she would not make a fuss about it.

"Lancy, don't be so anxious." Relying on the handrail of the spiral staircase, no one dared to come forward or be afraid of being overheard by others, so Mr. Lakin said slowly and earnestly. "I'm not making things difficult for you. You only need eleven years. When Ray grows up, you can hand over the Lan Group to him."

Lancy understood what he meant this time. She calmed down obediently.

"You don't need to be stressed out. I and Marvin of Lu Clan will help you during the ten years! Of course on the condition that I can live till then. " With a sense of humor, Lakin blinked his eyes and said, "you will keep the finance for Ray and Rani, temporarily."

There was no doubt that Lakin knew Lancy. She had no ambition at all! She was destined to be blessed. Her husband was willing to dote on her, and the two young children were more willing to dote on her. Of course, it was a good thing.

It was precisely because of this that Lakin had been so bold to carry out the above plan.

Hearing that, Lancy turned her head slightly. She blinked her eyes, which were as dark as obsidian. After quite a while, she opened her pink lips and said, "is it just like the way Ray helped me keep the jewelry box?"

The pretty lady made a few comments. She remembered that Ray's treasure had been kept for her for about three or four years? Well, more than four years later, such thought reduced the difficulty rate.

Mr. Lakin clapped his forehead and paused for three seconds. Then he said with a half smile, "I think you can understand me! "Just as Ray kept the jewelry box for you, and you keep the j

e in Nina's room, and there was only one more person in Lakin's room.

The quality of sleep reflected his mood directly.

Nina stood still there, staring at Lakin without blinking. She concluded that Lakin had a good time these days.

Nina sneered at her. She is also a granddaughter who has always been disobedient. She will never be in trouble again, and no one will compete with Lancy for her family business. Today (it's early in the morning), he can finally hand over Lan Group to his own granddaughter. No wonder, he laughs in his sleep.

The woman covered the old man's mouth fiercely with a vicious glint in her eyes.

Nina's hands were covered with blue veins. Obviously, she had exerted much strength. Lakin was still struggling in his dream. Maybe it was because of the heavy effect of the drug, he ceased to struggle in less than a minute.

And the next board meeting was doomed to fail.

We had to admit that Nina's last resort was a great one that had solved the problem completely! Of course, she didn't just mean that.

The next morning, the Lan Clan members found that Mr. Lakin had disappeared.

There were a lot of cars in the garage. Lakin had no chance of going out alone. The bed was in a mess!

Butler went over the whole family and tried to mobilize all the people. He even called to the company to confirm that no one had Mr. Lakin. He had searched for him but didn't find him.

Butler knew that something terrible had happened, because he was confidant of Lakin! Lakin would never arrange any other thing on that special day... He just didn't want to give up. He searched everywhere he could find. Such a result finally confirmed his uneasiness.

As for Lancy, he had no idea what had happened in the Lan Clan.

Because, after Nina regained her consciousness, Lancy moved back to the Lu mansion.

Lancy came to the Lan Group at the appointed day.

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