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   Chapter 309 Promise

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But now he has overturned all the things that happened before. He is in this station. He cares about...

Even a dragon had reverse scales, let alone a man with blood and flesh?

The moment Nina came back, Mr. Lakin had been trapped in the police office, losing his usual calmness.

If today was someone else, someone unimportant, he would find it out quickly! At least, they could at least wait until the result of the blank two months came out.

It was because of this document that Lakin once again accepted Nina! The crisis of Nina was officially solved. She finally could stay at the Lan Clan.

After the crisis was resolved, Nina started to regain her "consciousness" bit by bit. For example, some day, she finally recognized Lancy, not Grandpa.

Of course, this kind of situation occurred from time to time and returned to the starting point, which made Lancy get more and more trouble.

Lancy lost a lot of weight a week later.

After annoying Lancy like that, Nina was completely sober.

On this very day, when Lancy opened her arms and greeted her, Nina dodged her eyes with a disgusted look on her face.

Hearing this, Lancy was dumbfounded while Nina just smiled.

Heaven on, in the past week every minute every second, Nina want to do such a move, aboveboard, rather than play dumb, but also with her on the spot stick together, it's more painful than killing her!

If it wasn't for her own agenda, Nina couldn't to do anything but bear it.

Lancy blinked and asked tentatively, "Nina?"

"No need. I know you are Lancy." Nina leaned against the headboard. From her angle, she saw the door open. Without thinking, she knew that it must be Mr. Lakin.

The procedures these days were like this. He felt guilty to her and came to see her at a regular time every day.

Obviously, he was referring to Mr. Lakin.

Suddenly, Nina stopped frowning and said to Lancy in an awkward and friendly way, "thank you for take care of me... And, I'm sorry. "

Hearing that, Lakin was stunned. He looked at Nina with disbelief, wondering whether she had really recovered? Not a flash in the pan?

However, her bright and clear eyes were also looking at Lakin. Tears misted her eyes, and two lines of tears instantly fell down.

Yes, she had really returned to normal.

The last doubt in Mr. Lakin's mind vanished when he heard Nina thanked Lancy in person.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry. I..."

Mr. Lakin waved his hand and his eyes turned red. "Don't say anything more. It's good that you know you were wrong. From now on, just stay at home in peace. I don't want to mention those things anymore. "

According to the material, Nina really wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life, but unfortunately she ha

irst board meeting of new year will be held next Wednesday. You should get ready for it too." This was the plan prepared by Mr. Lakin for a long time.

"Grandpa?" Lancy looked confused.

Lakin felt exhausted these days. Obviously, he was too old to do anything at all! "Lancy, I'm getting old, and I'll hand over the Lan Group to you sooner or later!"

"But, Grandpa, I, I don't know anything..." With tears all over her face, Lancy tried so hard to hold back her tears. Was there anything else that could make her more tired than this?

Lancy had never thought of taking over a group, let alone becoming a legendary strong woman.

In retrospect, she had only been sleeping, eating, no other skill! Since a long time ago, Ray had taken over her family...

Lancy was so shocked to find that she was like a piece of trash... Whoops, would it hurt?

Lancy was still so intoxicating.

With a smile, Mr. Lakin shook his head. "You know you can't do anything?" he teased.

Hearing that, Lancy felt embarrassed silently. She was bullying people without any brown sauce. She, after all, didn't know anything at all! 'Wow! That's not funny at all!'

"Don't worry. Everything will be okay as long as grandpa is here." Seeming to think of something, Mr. Lakin laughed more brightly and even devised a scheme. "Moreover, we have Marvin."

Mr. Lakin had expected this since Lancy and Marvin decided to get married. Mr. Lakin had to admit that Lancy was not suitable to manage the Lan Group, whether in terms of interest, character or ability.

To be sure, Nina was more suitable than Lancy only in terms of personality.

However, even though Nina was experienced and cruel, she was still too arrogant, short-sighted and after doing those things. Thus, she was excluded from the list of Lakin a long time ago.

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