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   Chapter 308 The Truth

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Without thinking too much, Lancy took the opportunity to get close to her!

Nina was so shocked that she rushed into Lancy's arms and hugged her tightly! It was as if a "Grandpa" would be taken away the next second.

With his long fingernails sticking into Lancy's arms, she took a deep breath. It hurt so much but she didn't let go of Nina.

"Grandpa, let them go! Let the bad guys go!" Nina was stubborn and buried her face in her arms, indicating that she didn't want to see anyone else at all.

"Tell them to go!"

Nina struggled and kicked her leg. In a blink of an eye, she had several scratches on Lancy's body.

Lancy gritted her teeth all along, trying to comfort her and make her calm down.

However, as time passed by little by little, Nina became more and more emotional. She recklessly plucked the monitor on her body, but nobody dared to stop her.

Nina not only hurt herself recklessly, but also hurt Lancy who was holding her.

"You can leave now. We'll talk about it another time," said Mr. Lakin seriously

The doctor nodded his head to show his agreement. After taking a worried look at Nina, he exhorted, "the post-traumatic effects are obvious. It's worse than we thought! In the following days, you should pay more attention to her mental problem and try not to stimulate her. When she gets better, you'd better send her to the hospital and find a professional doctor for her. "

As for the problem of invasion, the doctor didn't think the Lan Clan would deal with it in public, for example, calling the police. Big families were like this, and as long as it was related to reputation, they were covered up.

After the doctors and nurses left the room, the room became much empty.

Now there were only three people left, and they were Nina, Lancy and Mr. Lakin.

Lakin couldn't describe his feelings now. When he saw Nina holding Lancy and calling her grandfather... He didn't know whether he regretted giving her up at that time...

Or, it should be said like this. After he made up his mind to give up on her, she still wanted his forgiveness. Even though she was mentally ill, she still knew that he was her grandfather.

As for this, Lakin had a complicated feeling.

"Nina, I'm not your grandpa. I'm Lancy. He's your grandpa." Lancy tried to sort out what was on Nina's mind, but she failed. Nina was so stubborn that she only wanted to be with her.

Shaking her head, Nina put her arms around Lancy, refusing to see her grandfather.

"Grandpa, can you accompany Nina?" With the unique tone of a child, her mind seemed to return to the age of seven or eight.

Mr. Lakin now believed that he could see everything. With Nina's character, she would never get close to Lancy. 'is she insane?'

After being called grandpa for s

She didn't pursue fame and fortune but got a decent job.

But the other woman, Jill, didn't know how to spend money. She attended all kinds of parties frequently. This could be called spending money like water.

What happened next shocked them even more.

Two months ago, Jill and Nina suddenly disappeared from the world. When Nina showed up in Alaska again, she had totally turned into a corpse.

During this period, the member of the Lan Clan found out that Jill showed signs of going in and out of the casino.

She believed that all of them knew what a casino was! Although it was not recorded in detail, the person who did the research still couldn't be compared with the person of the real professional industry.

That was to say, there was no valuable information.

However, for Mr. Lakin, the information was all he knew.

It was not hard to imagine how Nina's life would become if she had a mother addicted to gambling. In the following two months, he had gotten the positive answer from Nina's present performance and illness.

It had to be said that people's imagination were instinct. Sometimes it didn't matter a lot, and sometimes it would affect your intelligence and hinder the whole situation.

The return of Anna struck him hard. It happened all of a sudden. He was knocked down by all the scars on her body, the suspect that she was raped, and what was worse, more than one person might assault her!

Nobody cared about what her mother would do to her. But the situation was different this time. It was Nina, his granddaughter and the daughter of his son.

It was said that a rational man remained calm in the face of gunfire and bullets and corpses because he didn't care about it!

Human nature, it means that no one really cared about what happened or died, and that the person did not touch your bottom line.

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