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   Chapter 307 True And False

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Mr. Lakin was a sophisticated man and he quickly responded. He asked vaguely, "Dr. Joseph, has she... Has she been..."

Lakin could not help but think about his injuries in another direction. It was very similar to the means of the underworld. Their means would only be more cruel than imagined, from body to spirit, all of which were the key point of attack. They would never let go of a beautiful woman.

Lakin felt his heart ached. If it were not for Lancy, he would have used up all his strength.

Shaking his head, Joseph said, "I'm not sure. It is not appropriate for me to do further examination. We can't rule it out from her mental condition! "

Lakin collapsed completely on his leather chair. Although he had prepared mentally, the moment when the real moment came, he was still shocked.

Lakin's face was very pale. He dare not think about it. Yes, he dare not.

Lancy was truly frightened. As a woman, she could feel the same! Hearing what Joseph said, she felt sad, which was indescribable.

Nina was her sister both in blood and in name! In fact, no matter how much Nina hated Lancy, Lancy didn't hate her.

In her eyes, the relationship between Nina and her couldn't be described like that.

Yes, that was it.

We have close friends, and we also have close friends. But for Lancy, she and Nina are sisters that have nothing in common to talk with.

Maybe they are not so close, and sometimes they have contradiction. But that still cannot be changed. They are family.

When one's family suffered so much, no matter how many things he had done, the past was gone and everything was not important to him anymore.

Joseph looked at Mr. Lakin with sympathy. The old man seemed to have aged ten years in an instant. He comforted, "don't make a conclusion now. It's only our guess. When Nina has a better mental state, we will know the answer."

In fact, the best way to solve the problem is to ask the party involved.

However, after they were assured that Nina was drugged, no one would expose the scars on Nina?

Mr. Lakin could only choose to send someone to investigate the matter.

After completing his mission, there was no reason for Joseph to stay any longer! As for the problem of Nina's mental health, they didn't know until they sent her to the hospital.

After all, the environment and equipment here were not as good as that in the hospital.

The reason why Joseph came here today was to confirm whether Nina was lying or not. The truth was Nina's wounds and physical condition proved that she was not pretending.

This was what she wanted.

Hearing his words, Lancy stayed in the study and tried to console Lakin. However, Marvin saw Joseph off.

Hearing that, Joseph could not help but roll his eyes. It was an excuse for him to take him out, but he was only asking the question.

Joseph replied that he had

uthful of stale air, and the pain in his eyes was so intense.

"Nina, you are safe now. Don't do that." "I will ask the doctor to check on you. You will recover soon. Trust me."

Hearing the gentle and incredible tone of his voice, Nina stared at Mr. Lakin, with a glimmer of surprise flashing in her eyes.

Of course she had a good spirit. On the other hand, she was worried that someone might find out that she had an affair. That was why Nina was so reluctant to be seen by these people.

But she didn't expect that the nurse was actually targeting her lower part of her body...

Did grandpa look guilty? From his rare gentle tone and performance of these doctors and nurses, Nina soon guessed that...

Grasping the quilt tightly, Nina bent over as if someone had stepped on her toes... But don't get me wrong. It's just thrilling.

She had found a breakthrough!

Nina became more resistant and kicked the two nurses who were approaching her in succession. "Get away from me!"

Her voice was so painful as if it was held in the hand of someone else. Nina finally plucked up the courage and cried out her heart! This was a typical post-traumatic disorder. She was afraid of being touched by others, and of all the changes in the world.

It was as if she would scream out if they were one step closer!

"Nina!" Since Lancy was a girl, it would be relatively less likely for her to be attacked by the girl who was going forward! "Do you still recognize me? I am... "


Hearing this, Nina's eyes became bright and she stared straight at Lancy, with hope in her eyes! It seemed that she had seen her families... In fact, they were also relatives, but the relationship was different.

Lancy felt embarrassed and touched her face subconsciously. Did she look like her grandfather so much? How about the gender?

It seemed that there was only Lancy who could get close to Nina.

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