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   Chapter 306 Doubt And Prove

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 10201

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Once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of a well! Lakin didn't know what was on his mind and what was on his mind. He just hoped that Nina wouldn't disappoint him again this time.

Every upper class would not believe a person wholeheartedly. Doubt was their inherent nature, and the irresistible human nature.

However, it seemed that Joseph wasn't satisfied with this at all. He took a glance at Marvin peevishly. Did Marvin really think that he as a family doctor? Has he gotten used to it?

Joseph raised his eyebrows. It was a bad habit. He had to get rid of it!

Upon hearing that, a smile played on Marvin's lips. He meant to let Joseph in as soon as possible. As for other things, they could talk about them next time!

It turns out that capitalists all suck blood, especially the boss.

Joseph pushed the door open without too much tenderness. He even disdained to look at how luxurious this room was. A flicker of disgust flashed through his eyes, just for the smell of this room.

Joseph pointed to a maid and ordered, "open the window! There is a patient in the room. You can't spray perfume and be careful not to let the air in! "

The maid was frightened and didn't know what to do next, so she hurried to open the four windows. Because Nina used to like this kind of perfume most. In order to please her, she sprayed it... God knows. She just hoped that Nina wouldn't blame her when she woke up.

Unexpectedly, she was told a meal by the doctor. After making up for it, the little girl withdrew.

Her departure did not attract anyone's attention.

But Joseph found Nina woke up at the same time.

Or from the appearance, it could be seen that she was awake! Oh, no one would suspect this, because you see, she looked at Joseph, and then the next second she looked away, staring blankly at the ceiling in front of her.

This wasn't the normal reaction for normal people. At least, it wasn't supposed to be Nina's.

Joseph was also one of the persons who brought the tragedy to her. To be honest, when Nina saw this man, she should be anxious to scratch his face. After all, no matter who she saw, she would think that Joseph was one of Marvin's men. It's basically the same as Lancy's camp.

They were enemies.

However, Nina seemed to regard him as a stranger who broke in suddenly. She soon lost interest and began to stare blankly.

The arm was still inserted in the tube, and the nurse beside was drawing blood. All of this, she seemed to have no sense, no pain, and no physical condition. She just stare at the ceiling, just like the ceiling, with everything she wants, that is her world!

Seeing that, Joseph frowned slightly. He walked to her and began doing the examination.

They all knew how to check a patient's condition as doctors! They took a glance at her penis and then felt her heartbeat...

His seemingly simple movements were enough to tease a woman who pretended to be calm.

For example, Nina.

The so-called fake calmness was that kind of person who had great acting skill to cov

As soon as Lakin recovered from his surprise, he turned his head away. There was no one more handsome than him. Mr. Lakin thought sourly that his granddaughter had been brought up by someone else.

But from the bottom of his heart, he was very happy, especially when he saw his lovely granddaughter tame Marvin who was so obedient to her.

And Joseph, who had witnessed the process of a boss stalling... And relatively, he had been cured.

Marvin was the one that was teased. He looked up and said, "Dr. Joseph, I thought you were coming for fun."

"For fun? Well, 5:36 am in the morning. Thanks to you, I was in the warm bed. " It was snowing. Who could get up so early?

No, it should be said that who would dig his friend out for the sake of rescuing him?

Except for Marvin, there was almost nobody else.

Thus, it could be seen how much resentment Joseph had towards him.

Now let's get to the point.

In a serious tone, Joseph said slowly, "Nina's health is very bad. She has multiple broken and bruises. From the healing situation, she must have suffered in the past few months. Of course, it was not during the same time, but in succession! I have every reason to believe that Nina has suffered inhumane torture. "

Under the skeptical gaze of Marvin, Joseph was full of confidence. He just told the information he had seen and grasped. "Of course, that's just my guess. We still need to investigate what the truth is." Joseph said slowly, seeming not to see the shocked expression on Mr. Lakin's face. "All her skills are completely damaged. In just six months, it's a miracle in medical history. On the surface of the scar, the serious injury of muscles and bones, stomach bleeding, malnourishment and anemia, I suggest that you'd better figure out what happened to Nina. "

Lakin was almost unable to stand up after these series of serious injuries! It was not until he heard that from Joseph's mouth that he believed that Nina had really been tortured... That was beyond ordinary people's imagination.

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