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   Chapter 305 The Past And Sympathy

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At that time, Nina was a proud little princess, but she was so cute! When Lakin had lost his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter and was about to collapse, he had to admit that it was because of Nina that Lakin gradually found his belief.

At that moment, Lakin regarded her as Lancy more or less.

Moreover, at that time, for the whole Lan Clan, Nina was the only one and the only child of Lakin.

Even if it was another woman's, it became an important existence after Lancy's missing.

People could change their minds at times, and Lakin was no exception!

After Lancy came back, Mr. Lakin was very happy undoubtedly, and constantly comparing them! It was impossible. From the very beginning, Lancy was more important than Nina.

After years of growing up, Nina had become more and more like Jill. However, her status in the heart of Mr. Lakin declined. As time passed, he even forgot that he had ever been well bred with Nina.

What happened next made Nina more and more obedient and disappointed.

It was not until the news that she pretended to be pregnant and revealed that she wanted to frame Lancy that the Lakin abandoned Nina completely!

Although Nina was a daughter of the Lan Clan, she had to be punished for something she had done! Not everything can be forgiven.

However, Lakin never thought that things would end like this!

Nutrition, high fever and mental disorder... After Nina's fever was brought down, who knew what they would find out?

"Grandpa, please don't!" Her eyes reddened as Lancy couldn't find a convincing word to comfort her. "Nina will be fine. She will be fine."

Lancy winked at Marvin again and again, hoping him to continue talking as soon as possible!

Marvin looked at Lancy and shrugged. His thin lips pressed together slightly. He didn't mean to say anything.

The girl glared at him. What a eloquent man? Why did the flames turn off now?

However, Lancy had no idea what was on Marvin's mind.

The sudden arrival of Nina was, undoubtedly, creepy... However, from the doctor's arrival and conclusion, it seemed that all doubts were gone.

At least, this was the case for Mr. Lakin!

When Nina was holding and calling Lancy Grandpa, blood pressure exploded and she passed out, all doubts were dispelled! All of a sudden, he felt unbelievable, anxious and sad...

It was only an hour since Marvin stayed in the police station and observing Mr. Lakin's emotions inside coldly. Mr. Lakin had lost his cool and would not make any judgment.

After all, they were family members.

To be honest, even Marvin couldn't figure out what was on earth Nina's mind?

"Grandpa, could you please stay Nina here?" Hearing what Marvin sai

be done by our boss.

Hearing his words, Lancy was shocked and then looked at Marvin with appreciation, pouting her lips, "you are so considerate, boss! I've forgotten Joseph!"

It was said that Joseph was a professional. His medical skills were among the best in the world.

It's definitely the fighter of doctors, the No1 of medicine. ...

With the help of doctor Joseph, Nina would be safe and she would be diagnosed soon. How could Nina call her Grandpa?

However, the case was against the will of Lakin... To be honest, no one in the family would think the same way except for Lancy.

Lakin took a glance at Marvin. The arrival of Joseph indicated Marvin's doubt!

Marvin still looked cold. He didn't mind and didn't want to hide this from Mr. Lakin. Yes, he doubted Nina.

He thought it was perfectly normal for a shrewd and complicated woman to suspect her? 'Nina will end up like this?'

To be frank, Marvin had been doubting her since the very beginning. He had never trusted her.

He even thought that it's more persuasive to say that it's a plan than to be lonely outside. What mental disease? That couldn't be nutritious... Marvin couldn't believe a word of it.

It was impossible for Nina to kneel down in front of the gate of the Lan Clan in a snowy day with a high fever! In a word, when Nina came back, Marvin felt strange and wondered what was wrong with her.

Not to mention that Marvin didn't believe the family doctor of the Lan Clan, he didn't believe anyone except the several persons assigned to him! This was what Marvin was like, not against anyone, but out of his natural instinct.

Biting his lips, Lakin looked no doubt serious. He thought for a while and finally agreed to what Marvin did.

Mr. Lakin said to Joseph, "you can go in now. She is inside."

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