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   Chapter 294 Wink And Cast A Glance As A Signal

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He didn't care whether he was eight or eighty years old!

Marvin didn't know that his beloved grandpa had written down a lot on the notebook.

"Where is my great grandsons? When will they come back?" Mr. Sidney stopped beating around the bush with him. Mr. Sidney would never leave the matter at that until Marvin handed over his great grandsons. Poor Mr. Sidney! He missed his great grandsons so much.

Mr. Sidney only knew the existence of the Devil Island. Even when Marvin entered it, Mr. Sidney did not know the specific situation. It had to start from 20 years ago.

As a matter of fact, Marvin became the master of the Lu family ten years ago. But since the kidnapping incident at his childhood, his relationship with Wilson had been severed. As time went by, they became more and more estranged from each other and disliked each other more and more. Since Wilson and his son weren't close like father and son, Mr. Sidney couldn't blame his grandson for what he had done.

After Wilson had let Mr. Sidney down, Mr. Sidney started to think about the whole Lu Clan, including the royal children or the branches of the family that could provoke the public. At that time, Mr. Sidney had decided that to cultivate a qualified successor, Mr. Sidney would pay attention to Marvin.

However, everyone in the Lu Clan paid close attention to Mr. Sidney. If Mr. Sidney put Marvin by his side, it was not helping Marvin, but doing harm to him!

Mr. Sidney thought of a mysterious man who he had saved many years ago!

In the difficult situation, Mr. Sidney handed his grandson over to that man. Sure enough, that man had kept his promise. When Marvin came back, the man had changed completely, just like a completely different person. That was why Marvin had become the biggest dark horse ten years ago.

When he had been with that man, all the members of the Lu Clan thought he was detested by Mr. Sidney, including his father, Wilson.

So, after the incident happened ten years ago, in the Lu Clan, including Wilson, Julie and Mrs. Wilson were still unwilling to accept the fact.

At that time, whether it was the Wilson Group or the Lu Clan, the situation of Marvin was very dangerous.

More ruthless and ruthless, with the ability to protect himself! At the same time, he paid the corresponding price Even if Marvin could consolidate his position and take control of the whole Wilson Group, he still had to do things for that person.

So Mr. Sidney didn't regret that.

That was how it worked in the world. They didn't have a lunch in vain. They suffered loss.

Besides, Mr. Sidney was sure that his grandson wouldn't be willing to give up Charles. As a result, Mr. Sidney had never paid attention to Marvin's affairs abroad.

Even though they kept gossiping in front of Mr. Sidney, he was still not an easy target. He could easily strike back the challenger with a single sentence.

Which sentence?

Well, it was better to ask the master of the Lu Clan for such a trivial matter. When Mr. Sidney was old, he should enjoy his life after retirement.


unhurriedly, thumbing up. "They missed only the first year."

According to the news from the other side, the three kids were the best potential kids in the world. He believed that with their current progress, they would soon have the first chance to visit the kids! But she was not sure whether she could make it during the Spring Festival.

After all, Marvin were uncle and aunt, how could he not care about his three kids? It's just, his concern is not so overflowing as it looks, but introverted.

Lancy immediately turned tearful. Was this a threat? 'Is this a threat?' The girl's heart softened. Her combat value was as low as one hundred. Her mother was not the one to blame, but her father was too strong. Even a finger was squeezed to death.

The girl pouted and said, "right. It's just the first year. We have plenty of chances in the future." Hearing this, Lancy buried her face in her hands. How shameless she was.

Mr. Sidney was shocked. He looked at his granddaughter in law in disbelief. He had always thought that it was her who ate his grandson to death. It turned out that he had always been wrong?

After hearing what they said for a long time, Mrs. Wilson finally couldn't help but ask, "Where are Ray and Rani? And where is it? "

Study abroad? The two kids were only seven years old. Their education was too young for Mrs. Wilson to believe! What's more, Mr. Sidney and Marvin were mysterious. Their spoke in the same way.

This was really weird, especially at the dinner today, and the words of these three people were more strange! Was it possible that the three children had been sent to Somewhere unknown?

Mrs. Wilson began to suspect from that day. If she had studied abroad, why did the Sen Clan insist on going together with Ray and Rani? She remembered how heartbroken the Sen Clan was that day. If he didn't want to see her off, she wouldn't do so. Why did he insist on doing so?

Now, hearing what they said, a sense of discord was more obvious. Mrs. Wilson finally could not help but want to find out.

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