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   Chapter 293 Intrigue Against Each Other

Genius Twins And Their Mother By Yi Ye Characters: 8977

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Since Marvin was there, it wouldn't be easy for them to take revenge.

No, it should be said that it was ten or a hundred times more difficult than imagined.

Luckily, Glen had business with the Wilson Group. Therefore, he was not able to destroy Marvin's plan? Jean looked up and down at Glen in doubt and finally made up her mind: "you have to remember these particular means!"

What did that mean? At present, even Jean didn't know.

Until things happened, Jean knew her intention, and then Glen finally understood her! If that day really came, Glen would surely progress his plan. All he needed to do was to keep him alive.

Obviously, he was referring to Marvin.

It was at that time that Glen truly thought that Jean was crazy! Her so-called "love" was nothing more than that!

It needed time to make plans, but their time was limited, so they had to rush.

How fast were they fighting against time? For example, this video conference and the following moves, Jean was so busy that she even forgot to inform Leona.

Whether she really forgot or not, I'm afraid only Jean knew it.

Jean had never thought about that she would need the help of Leona then! To be honest, it was hard to tell Leona would become her help or resistance.

Who would use such a person?

God knew whether Leona would make all her efforts in vain because of her momentary sympathy for Lancy, her friendship with Lancy in the past? And who will be responsible for it then?

In a word, Jean didn't want to inform Leona and didn't want to use her at all! As for what would Leona do when report work to the superiors, she didn't need to worry about it.

Reminded by Boliy and forced by the reality, Jean personally investigated the Lan Clan.

It was more detailed than what Leona had found.

From Lakin to the guards at the gate, Jean made a thorough investigation. Jean was serious this time.

Soon, she found the breakthrough.

The Lan Clan had a fatal flaw. Everybody knew it. Yes, it was Nina and her mother.

There was no doubt that Nina and Jill were the people who hated Lancy the most in the Lan Clan. Such a person was what Jean needed.

However, what was the use of the two who had been expelled from the family?

In order to evaluate the value of Nina, Jean went down this line! To her surprise, she really found out something. Nina is definitely a talent! Lancy was doomed to be with her!

Jean's eyes lit up and she had an idea. There was no better thing than making use of the situation. She didn't mind adding fuel to the fire, which would make Lancy die more tragically.

It was enough for her to stay here for two months.

She cou


Mr. Sidney's patience was worn out, ' I have never met such a fool. I have never seen one as stupid as him! But he is my grandson.'

Mr. Sidney almost got mad.

"The new year is coming. Do you think we forgot something?" Mr. Sidney put down his chopsticks and was about to tell the truth.

That's right. Something was not right.

Lancy's eyes were round and shining. She nodded her head approvingly! She thought that Marvin was so smart that he must be able to remember in five seconds? Right?

He understood immediately. However, they were really funny, but So cute.

"I want nothing." Marvin looked around on purpose.

Mr. Sidney was so angry that he almost kicked the table! Mr. Sidney thought that it was already an unhappy new year. Without babies present, how could it be possible!

Lancy was also filled with disbelieve. Marvin couldn't be so stupid! It must be in her dream. She couldn't open her eyes, nor open her ears!

For this reason, in front of the dinning table, Lancy close and close her eyes. That was not all. She was pulling her ear hard. She must have had an illusion and auditory hallucination.

The smile in Marvin's eyes was about to spill over the next second. He was no longer so cold, and there was a faint warmth in his eyes.

However, the warmth in his eyes was caught by Mr. Sidney! He thought to himself, 'this guy almost fell into my trap. Is there such a trick?'?

Being glared at, Marvin shrugged his shoulders innocently. He swore to the God that he was not fooling his grandpa.

He looked so innocent. But his grandpa was still angry.

"That's not important. It doesn't matter."! Hum, wait He wanted to get even with him! Don't think he wouldn't be able to do it now.

If he didn't behave, he had to beat him!

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